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Binding in wrong place on K2's?

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Needing a little advice......As conditions are so bad in Europe this season I have been using my 'new' rock skis which are a pair of little used ex-rental k2 Patriot G5. They have a pair of salomon demo bindings on them. The shop set the bindings to my boots and i assumed they did it correctly. Anyway started skiing on them and i could not believe how bad i skied for a couple of days, felt like i was in the back seat all the time. Could not start turns, felt out of control etc etc. Then after 2 days of this, I happened to look at the edge of the ski, theres this small arrow with 'toe' next to it, the front of my boot was 3cm back from this mark!!

I have moved the binding as its a rental one so now the numbers displaying are no where near my boot sole length, but the end of my boot lines up with the arrow, but not the end of the boot where my toe is.

Where is it suppose to line up? End of boot sole or actual toe bit? ie what my foot's in!

All ski's much better now, but as very few shops sell k2's here i'm not sure where to ask. I am amazed this shop is renting out skis set like this, some people must have a hell of a time.

Any comments would be useful. Should i get the bindings remounted?? The original shop will not be interested and considering what happened i don't really trust them.


Bergerac, but who now is a little more [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Most K2s are mounted with the toe end of the the boot sole at the center of the chord length of the ski. This may or may not be the optimal location for you're boot depending on it's length. But it's a good starting point.

This link will tell you what chord length is:
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I am going through this with a pair of Stockli AXC's. They have the Tyrolia demo binding and it's possible to position the toe and the heel. Since you can do the same with the Salomon why not just play around with it.

I moved them forward one notch and the turn initiation was much easier. Next week I'll move them up one more notch and see what happens.

I guess that it's like playing with an aircraft's center of gravity. Sooner or later it's going to stall then spin, then twist and turn ..... crash and burn! :
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Thanks for the link about chord length, i will have to do a bit of measuring.

The main problem is my boot sole is 284mm. I have very small feet!! The rear of the binding has run out of adjustment and so i can't push the toe piece any further forward.

Moving it all forward really helped turn initiation, and they now seem to ski as i normally ski (which is usually a bit untidy!!).

Anyway, we are off to Val Thorens for 3 or 4 days so will see how it goes. If there is any decent snow, the isotherm is at 3200 metres!, its like spring in Europe at the moment.

Thanks for the help

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If you're thinking about getting the bindings remounted, I'd suggest getting rid of the demo binding, and putting on a standard one, this way they'll be set in the right place for your boots.

Just my €0.02

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Your small boot may mess up the usefullness of the toe mount mark.
Try this method of setting up your boot postion. Mark the location of the ball of your foot on you ski boot. This is usually the widest part of the boot. Find the center of the running surface of the ski. Do this by putting the skis base to base. Mark the contact points tip and tail. Measure the distance from tip to tail contact point (running surface length). Mark ski at center of running surface (1/2 running surface length from contact Point(s)).
Align ball of foot mark with center of running surface mark.
See if that works better for you than the toe mount location.
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Hi NordtheBarbarian

Just got back from a very very warm Val Thorens. It was like spring skiing, but with added rocks! so the K2's got a bit battered. I have done some measuring and luckily my boot seems to be in about the right place, a tiny bit back from the toe mark. I seem to be skiing them much better now, Saturday was really one of those good days, even the bumps were ok!!!

I am actually prefering the Patriot G5 to my salomon X scream series at the moment, maybe they just suit my level of skiing at the present?

Thanks for your help

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