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Lars ?

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Lars and co. will be at ABasin today and Copper tomorrow. If anyone wants to meet up leave a reply here or on pm. I'll check in later tonight. Great snow out here. I'm lovin it.
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It must feel great to confirm that there are ski areas with actual snow on the ground and great conditions. We've suffered here enough I think, but the snow gods apparently don't think so.
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I'll be working at Copper, but if I see you, I'll wave hi!
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Met up with Vinn this morning and skied till noon on an absolute awesome powder day. Well over a foot in the bowls and well above the 7" they reported on the front.

We did one run down the front and then into Resolution Bowl for some deep turns, over the back and a short hike to Union freshies.

Had a great time Vinn.

Thanks for your generosity.
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I forgot to add, Vinn is a great skier. Smooth
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