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Snowmass on-mountain advice?

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Haven't skied Snowmass but once, when I was a kid, and we are going down there this weekend. Will be skiing with my husband on Sunday and then exploring on my own on Monday while husband has meetings. (Lucky husband to have meetings in the Aspen area!)

Just wondered if anyone had any *must ski* (or *must eat* ) suggestions on-mountain at Snowmass. I would go over and ski Ajax, but my son will be in childcare at Snowmass, so it's too much hassle to try to leave.

To give you a sense of my skiing, I consider Vail my home mountain and usually start the day with a couple of groomers and then spend the rest of the day in the back bowls. I also ski Copper a bit, and after a few warm-ups ski Resolution or Copper Bowl for the rest of the day. I'll ski just about anything, but I am not the biggest fan of tight trees (especially when I am skiing alone), unless the snow is new and deep and soft. . .and then I love the tight trees.

Any great lines that I shouldn't miss?
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If they have fresh snow, check out Hanging Valley Wall and Hanging Valley Glades off of the High Alpine chair. Some of the coolest terrain you'll find anywhere. After the steeps up top it opens up into gladed powderfields that run into the bottom portions of Elk Camp. There's not much hiking involved depending on where you're going and there isn't really anything I'd consider "life threatening". Another cool jaunt is to hike up off the top of Elk Camp to the top of Burnt Peak (or is it mountain?) to ski Long Shot. The hike is easy (10 mins max) Only do this if its snowed in the past day or two as it will get tracked out. Its a very very long advanced blue with some thinned glades. Only bad part is that they have not built the new lift yet to take you back up so you have to run out to the Two Creeks lift, which is not my personal favorite.
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Since your starting in the village, take the Village Express to the top of the knob. The lift opens at 8:30 and I would get out of the village as early as possible to avoid the ski school mob. Take a couple of runs off the knob, mostly easy blacks. Slot is really nice if it’s groomed and you can take it all the way down to the Campground lift.

Then take Pipeline down to the Big Burn quad. Ski a couple on the Burn, Sneakies, Power line and Dallas Freeway. Then ski down Shear Bliss to Garrets Gulch and ski Freefall or Glissade.

Continue on to the Alpine Springs lift. Mostly nice easy groomers, Lodge Pole and Coffee Pot are nice. Lunch at High Alpine restaurant is always good and they have a very good sit down.

After lunch hit the High Alpine lift and maybe take a warm up on the Edge or Radar’s.
Now its time hike the Wall. If you’re by yourself you may want to stick to the more traveled routes like Roberto’s.

Eventually you will end up at the Elk Camp lift. The runs here are really easy so you may want to take Long Shot. Just beware that snow conditions change a lot by the time you get to the bottom.

Have Fun!
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