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Hot Rod Nitrous Review

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I'd replied to a post a few weeks ago regarding the Nordica Hot Rod Nitrous skis. At the time I'd spent a rather mellow day on them. I really liked the ski, but since I hadn't had a chance to hit the bumps with them, I was reserving final judgement.

I've had a chance to get a few more days on them now, so I feel confident sharing my impressions of them. (SSH - thanks for the invite to make some turns, I'll get hold of you once my schedule mellows out a bit)

First, a bit about me - 35 years old, skiing 26 years, avg 15 days/year skiing, ski out CO/UT, ski bumps and trees almost exclusively. The skis are 178 cm. Boots are Nordica Hot Rod's set up by Jeff Bergeron. Old skis are Atomic R9, 180cm.

I was up at Copper with a friend that skis mostly blue cruisers. I used this time on the cruisers to open the skis up. I made a lot of different turns at every speed. I'm not into high speed bombing runs on cruisers, but these skis handled everything really well. The one comment about the Nitrous I see on this board is that they are an intermediate ski. I made a lot of aggresive high energy turns, and never once felt like the skis were not up to the task.

The one concern I did have was that it felt like making quick short energy turns required a bit more energy and work on my part. This was making me a bit nervous about how the skis would work in the bumps. When I finally got to hit the bumps, I was pleasantly surprised. The skis were great, I could hold lines, skid when needed, go over the top of bumps, anything. My one observation is that the Nordica's really seem to prefer a neutral stance, where my Atomics performed much better when I really drove the tips hard.

I know nothing about skiing out east on boilerplate. The snow in Colorado has been great this year, so I really haven't had any chance to try the Nitrous out on hard snow. If you are out west and thinking of getting the Top Fuels, I'd really recommend giving the Nitrous a try.
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East Coast Nitrous Review

We had an all conditions week this past week out east and it gave me a chance to put the Nitrous to the test all week.

Tester: 5' 11", 185 lbs, aggressive skier, Nitrous 170 w/stock Marker bindings. Quiver: Slalom Race: Atomic SL11m; Backcountry: Atomic M:Ex; Cruise: Salomon Pilot 10s.

Day 1: NE Hardpack / Glare Ice: the Nitrous held an edge well, minimal chatter at high speed.

Day 2: 3" fresh: High speed cruise day. The Nitrous took a bit of getting used to. It does prefer a neutral stance without a lot of initiation from the shovel/tip. Fun, fast turner without the energy of a slalom ski (but to be fair, this isn't a slalom cut). Had a blast carving on this all day. Quick turning, easy control in the bumps. See no need to go up to the metal enforced/heavier weight Nordica model, even at my height/weight.

Day 3: 18" fresh: Thought I'd be wishing for the longer length on this day, but surprised to find the 170 had Great float. The ski is starting to live up to it's one-quiver reviews. Steeps, chutes, bumps, trees -- all felt confident with this ski underneath. Was a joy to ski in powder.

Day 4: Windblown Cream, crud, mashed potatoes: What the Lord giveth this season in the east, the Lord taketh away. Nitrous plowed through the crud and mashed potatoes with ease. No kick-outs from thick, windblown piles, plowed through them.

Day 5: 45 degrees and slush: Again, Nitrous was up to the slush and soft bumps. Plowed through the thick slushy stuff with ease, transitioned easily to the icey stuff up top.

Net, net, very versatile sidecut, perfectly weighted ski. Bottom line, I bought it after the reviews were confirmed. Now my ski of choice for freeskiing in-bounds.
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godot and jm3, I agree with both of you. I've done 3 weeks on mine and love them. I like the neutral stance that they allow and find them to be a very fun ski. I find that in icy conditions I have to turn up the speed to lock in to a carve and avoid chatter, but maybe that's just my limited ability in carving at low speeds.
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Glad you both like the skis. I've had a ton of fun on mine this year. Most fun I've ever had on skis.

I'm still trying to sort out that chatter thing on boiler plate. I don't spend a ton of time on cruisers, so it's not a big problem, but high speeds on hard snow have been my only complaint about this ski. I may be skiing them a bit short for that application. Slowing down a bit seems to solve the problem for me.

Got my wife a pair of the Nordica Olympia Beauty's. She's in heaven and skiing better than ever. Very, very stable and easy turning.

Have a great time on your new toys.
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Would the metal in the Top Fuel help to eliminate the chatter?
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Originally Posted by Blizzboy283
Would the metal in the Top Fuel help to eliminate the chatter?
Yep, but is would be prone to bending in the bumps. A little trick that I have become very good at .
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i have used both the top fuel and nitrous for the past year and find both to ski well in bumps.

if i lived east i'd opt for the top fuel. west the nitrous.

two weeks ago i was sent an 07 JET FUEL. very similar to the top fuel, simply 84mm under foot.

it's a good stick
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Metal layers in skis


I feel your pain, I've destroyed my share of skis through the years. Sometimes I need to make the same mistake multiple times before I sort it out.
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I don't know about the one ski quiver, but I think I'm down to 3 or 4. The Nitrous is the one ski I would choose for below/at timberline area skiing. It does everything I need.

Give me my Pistols for high alpine variable pow over god knows what like we had at Silverton yesterday. I can definitely charge way harder on a wider plank. (By the way, Silverton is now unguided and it is awesome. Bring your mega quads, because the only thing holding up your day now is your own endurance.)
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