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since the question about what equipment to buy arises here on a daily basis, and tastes differ as much as technical approaches, i take the chance to list up my tools. feel free to do so, too.

base repair: both clear and black candels, pansar file, 150 grit sand paper, scoth brite pad

waxing: orange holmenkol for spring, white toko universal for anything, yellow/red toko system for man-made and other nasty things. base scraper, some old-fashioned iron, toko base cleaner, one toko brush with horse hair outside, brass inside, one toko nylon brush.

edge tuning: burton/red alloy adjustable file guide, small pansar file for setting angels, toko WC mill file, DMT 325 grit diamond stones, some cheap arkansas stone for nasty burrs, alcohol/water mix for diamond filing, one hard gummi stone for deburrig after filing, a soft gummi stone for rust removal. small file brush.

vise: wooden ski boot sole dummy, clamped to any table.

this setup doesn't cost a furtune, yet allows for very good tuning results. my skis/boards only see tuninig machines for base grinding when it becomes inevitable.