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Thermal Fit Liners

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I have been using Raichle ThermoFlex liners in an old Salomon SX92 shell for several years and love them. The boot is outstanding for alpine touring. It is light and just one buckle/lever loosens the boot for walking mode. Unfortunatly, the liners are wearing out and I can't find a new pair made for rear entry boots around here. Anyone know of a source for these?
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Wow- the SX 92 - I used to have a pair myself. Didn't realize you could ever get the Thermoflex liner for a rear entry boot.

Have you searched the web for the liner? Is your local shop of any help? You may end up having to scrap everything and start from scratch.
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Yes, a rear entry version was avaiable. A few weeks ago I noticed some for sale on ebay, the guy was out of Eagle River Alaska, maybe you can do a search. Past that, I molded a pair of regular Thermoflex'es and put them in Salomon Optima boots (Front on the Integral and rear on the old SX rear entry), and they work fine. When the boot is open it looks goofy, but no probelm with the performance.
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