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If the final answer is "Take it to the shop and don't mess with it!", I've got no problem with that - just some questions for my general knowledge and future reference.

Recently acquired Volkl AC3 w/ Marker Motion AT w/ PCOS... then immediately switched from 323mm to 317 boot length (Lange CRL 90).

Questions: 1) Will there be any issues with aligning boot center to ski center, since the adjustment dial moves the toe only?
2) Will the PCOS require a separate adjustment?
3) Where is boot center, anyway? I have matching, straight line tick marks on inside and outside - plus an arrow mark slightly forward of that, on the outside only.
4) Moving the adjustment dial by 2 of its 6 points puts the scale over 317, between dot and line, like it was over 323 before I started playing with it. Is that it, or do I need to head to the shop?