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Imperial Lift / Bowl @ Breck

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I skied up there for the first time this past Sat. I was very impressed with the bowl....decent snow considering it's so windblow. I think the warm sun really helped.
I loved the terrain the lift gives one access to....the Lake Chutes, the Imperial Bowl and the Bowl to the north...all great steep stuff.
The feeling of getting off the lift at 12,800' was incredible!! Top of the world baby!!!
I guess a big downside is that more people now can access all that terrain without a really hard, long hike, and Chair 6 over all that nice expert tree terrain is now really crowded.
Thoughts about good lines/runs up there from those who ski Breck?
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I can not wait to get there!! We will be at Breck 2nd week in Feb. Any good advice on places that we should not miss in Summit County. This is my first time there. Dont mind a little hiking to get to the steep and deep stuff!
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