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new school

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i have just recently started skiing new school. i do not have a deth wish so i am not progressing as quickly as i would like. that is why i am looking for a harness or some sort of safty measure (net?) for my 16' trampoline. could you please tell me if you know were i can get them form!!!

p.s tip and instructions on some tricks would also be helpfull.



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There are simpler and less expensive ways of lanching human body in the air other than skis. Consider alternatives such as trampoline, skydiving, pool diving, etc.


Speed does not kill, the difference in it does...
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You know what Smooth Johnson would say....

"Want big air? Here, pull my finger".

Check the freeze forums, you may have better luck there.


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Ok, first you dont need a harness for a trampoline. 4 year old girls jump on tramps without harnesses. Second, what do you want the no edge skis for?? If its for wearing them while your on a tramp, forget that. If you wanna wear skis while practicing, build a ramp at your local lake. Jumping on tramps or off divingboards without skis is very benificial though.
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i have just taped the edges when I use my skis on the trampoline. it works fine.
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I don't freaking believe this! i agree with dubs on something. Obviously not a new schooler myself, but a fitness trainer. Some of the "New school" girls at our gym workout on the tramps, obviously with no skis. Gives them a better sense of what their feet and ankles are doing.

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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I practice all my tricks on a diving board.... You can also learn a lot about how to spot your landing and knowing where you are in the air, doing this....
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LisaMarie: New school girls?? I don't think I have seen that.... But if you say so
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sounds like an all girls pop band.
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Yeahhh Baaby


New School Girls are HOT
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so they excist??
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Snow axe: Probably my bad. I admit I get confused with all the different terms nowadays. Lets just say girls who don't ski normal, lots of jumps and tricks. Sorry!
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So Lisamarie, from your last statement I derive that "new school skiing" is abnormal. Be aware of g-dubs when he sees that. I am with you on that one, so send him my way.


Speed does not kill, the difference in it does...
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Uh oh! I'm really putting my foot in my mouth, here!
One thing I am curious about: Most of you who ski in this way we're talking about are young and seem to have a natural talent for this. Aside from trampoline training, do you cross train with something else?
From watching, it looks like you need a combination of plyometric strength, flexibilty, agility, coordination....and guts!

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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Lisa- Nah its just about goin out there and doin it. Training on a tramp helps, but mostly you just have to be willing to throw down and get hurt a few times. Anyone who is in reasonably good shape could probly learn at least simple tricks. I know people who ski for the first time, and by the end of the first day, cant leave the greens but can land 360's no problem. Its really all about practicing and have the will to try and probably hurt yourself pretty badly a couple times. Of course there are some factors that help, such as the shorter you are the easier it is for you to spin alot because of the low center of gravity. And the more leg strength you have the more air you can get becasue you can pop highe. But mainly its all about going out there and just trying new stuff and practicing.
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Hmmm. Interesting about being short. If you look at ballet dancers and gymnasts, most are not that tall. Strength is obviously an issue, but its not a body builders kind of strength, since there's a lot of mobility involved in what you guys are doing.
What I've noticed with the girls in the gym who are trying to get into this stuff, is that even though they strength train, they spend much too much time on flexibility, which must girls have alot of, anyway. Then, when they are jumping on the trampolines, their landings always look a little bit unstable, and I find myself wondering if it looks they have the same problem on the snow.
But I agree, the biggest part of all this is just having the guts to do it.

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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Oh yeah!! I know that part about hurting yourself!! But I don't know when it comes to tramps..... I can do almost nothing at a tramp... Diving board is more my thing, cuz I always imagine that I'm going to jump of the tramp....
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New School? Thats this sorta left wing college in New york, right? Well I take a dance class there, guess I'm a new school girl. Now I know why I can't do tricks. Legs are too darn long. Center of gravity too damn high.
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