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Hestra mitts: pole feel?

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I have been a dedicated glove wearer, but this weekend's -5F with unpleasant windchill has me looking at mitts. Saw an on-line deal on Hestra Heli mitts (non-Goretex) at $70. It has been years since I have gripped a pole with mitts. Are these, or other Quallo-fill (?) mitts, thin enough to still give you a good "feel" for the pole. 'Course once your fingers in gloves freeze up, you don't 'feel' nothin' anyway - except the pain when they finally thaw out. Anyone using Hestra's hybrid mitt, with independent index and middle finger?
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I finally tried some mitts I've had for a couple of seasons but never tried using. They probably aren't my last word on mittens but I'm never going back to gloves except for maybe REALLY warm spring conditions. I have no pole feel issues at all.
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I have tried on the three finger mitt in a store and wasn't impressed by the concept or the feel. The warmth factor in mittens is provided by having your digits snuggled together.

I think that as long as your mitten has a leather palm with no padding, and you use thin liners (like Manzella windproof skins), you'll feel a lot more of the pole (no Freudian analysis please) than with any glove.

Go with mittens - it's evolution baby :
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When it's cold enough to justify mitts, I ski in a Swany mitten. Theirs have a liner built in and a zip up the side, so it's easy to unzip the side and slip your liner-ed fingers out to micro-adjust boots, etc. Plus, you can drop a chemical heating pack inside and not have it directly against your skin.

As for pole feel, I find that these are warm with combination of liner and mitt, but not bulky like past mitts I have tried, and pole feel is OK. I still prefer to ski in the lightest glove the weather permits, but for cold, deep snow days, the mitts can't be beat, and I don't have stiff grey & white fingers!

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Friends, thanks for your kind replies. Mitts, it is. And Meganne, I believe it was Dr. Freud who once observed that "Sometimes a ski pole is just a ski pole," which makes me wonder what it is when its not....Cheers to you.
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