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Conditions: Whiteface Mt. Jan. 16, 2006 Hard pack, wind blown. The mountain is recovering from thaw, rain to sub zero temps. Where they are blowing snow manamade pow.

My specs: 5’ 8” 185lbs. Level 8/9 - Age 51 - have been skiing since age 6.

Metron B5 – I went for these first because I’ve read so much about them here and I wanted to see how they matched up to my Top Fuels. I asked for the 172cm but the tech said he never takes them because it takes a really big man to use them. He gives me the 162cm and off I go. The ski is a blast, very quick, good rebound, likes short turns in the fall line. Felt good at speed and GS type turns. I was very impressed with this ski. I wish I could have tried it in a variety of conditions.

Rossi Z9 – 170cm – In a word boring. Way too damp, doesn’t like speed, can make the turns, but like I said boring.

VolklAC4 – 170cm – I was all set to love this ski, but not in today’s conditions. Handled the hard pack ok, but probably too soft of a ski for my liking.

Fischer RX9 – 170cm – Perfect ski for today’s conditions. Best in the test for edge hold. Likes long turns, but worked well in the fall line too. I would love to try these in a NASTAR course. Very nice and inspires confidence.

Atomic M11 – 170cm – Easy turn initiation, but lacked the power of the B5. Didn’t feel all that stable at speed. I found this ski rather uninspiring.

I rate them:

Metron B5 - by far
Fischer RX9
Atomic M11
Rossi Z9 – last by far

I admit to being prejudice, but I rate my Top Fuels higher then the B5’s. While you have to work them harder to make short turns at slower speeds they make up for it when going fast. I have not been on a mid fat yet that is as stable and fast as the TF. I've skied them in all kinds of conditions and they do everything well. That said the B5 is one hell of a ski.