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an extra plate

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Hi there,

I plan to buy new Fischer RC4 Race Air Carbon Ti skis. They have an integrated Accelerator (a kind of plate). Recently I bought Tyrolia Free Flex Plus 10.

Would you recommend to mount even a plate (for example Tyrolia Speed Plate, 15mm high), or should I mount the bindings directly to the accelerator?

Thanks for advices,
Ronyx (27years, 194cm, 210lbs, very experienced skier)
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if they already have the plate, i would say don't get a speed plate...the turn initiations become easier, but i find that i have problems coming out of turns quickly...i speak from experience...i'm skiing on the volkl energy rails..about a 15mm lift...PLUS the marker bindings have an added 12mm lift...so you're literally skiing on a double decker condo...i would be against mounting a plate on a plate since the binding most likely already has lift :O

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You may want to double check to be sure but I believe the Tyrolia Free Flex bindings have a 10mm stand height. The Fischer Accelerator stand height is 15mm if it is the same height as last year's Accelerator plate. 25mm worth of lift should be more than enough to do the job.
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Actually, the Free Flex models don't have a lift (Tyrolia calls it standheight). So I'm still thinking about a speed plate.
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If you add the height of the ski about 20mm to the accelerater plate 15mm plus the bottom of the Tyrolia binding to the height of where the boot actually sits when in the binding (I think about 10mm but double check the specs) you will have a total of about 45 or somewhat more worth of lift. FIS world cup limits are 55mm of lift but that much lift would take a very powerful skier to manage I think.
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Apparently the Tyrolia free flex 10 has a stand height of 21mm ! Tyrolia's site wasn't too helpful, but according to this site: http://www.startingate.net/skibindings_nofrb.htm
If that's true, that's a lot of lift.
I'm with mello boy, just mount the bindings and forget it. Are you planing to race gs?
dig that DIN range though, 6-17 !
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If the Tyrolia Free Flex binding stand height is 21mm then you would be either just meet or exceed the FIS maximum stand height limits taking into account your skis and the Accelerater. For whatever its worth I agree with Mello Boy and Tog, just mount the bindings on the Accelerater.
I think there may be some performance as well as safety issues for skiers who go for too much height when mounting their bindings.
Anyway I would not add an another 10mm on top of the 15mm Accelerater and especially not if the binding stand height is 21mm. <FONT size="1">

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I have skied the P40 F1 w/ the energyrail w/ Marker Lifters, it was frickin great. Could lay those pups out and just arc. Nothing like condo's on top of your skis for the ultimate in carving performance. But if you are racing check the limits and stay legal.
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2 extra in the head helped my skiing

just cant get too near the microwave....
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speaking of plates,
Does anyone know where I might find the plates I think that are put out by Salomon racing. Hangl or something like that. They allow the bindings to float/ski to flex smoothly. Just curious if anyone has seen these or tried them.
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Try www.snowind.com They are located in Reno and sell HANGL plates.
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Cool thanks. I'll give them a call. I think my friend will be in reno this weekend. I'll see if I can get him to grab them if it works out.
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