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[quote=LeRouge]A double fall line is easy to demonstrate. Place a book on its edge and tilt upwards. This represents a single fall line towards the lower edge. Now tilt the book so it is resting only on one corner of the previous edge, you can see the double fall line going towards two lower edges.

I was having trouble visualizing this also. Such a wonderful explanation. Well Done! (The elegance of simplicity.)
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Originally Posted by klkaye
hey LM

those kinds of trails can feel tricky ... let's say we ski with a rhythmic turn (waltz-like 3 count turns) and then suddenly you're on a hill with a double fall line ... turning to one side you will feel much more pressure build *or* feel like you're picking up more speed in the turn on one side

so, what do you do?

finish your turns and accept that your left and right turns will not be equal or perfectly matched ... you're doing different things on each side

hope this helps,
Very, Very helpful, thanks! My post surgery turns feel odd to one side anyway, but the double fall line complicates things more. I like the waltz rhythm analogy. It reminds me of the days when I taught step and aerobics, when the tape would suddenly auto-reverse itself to the other side. Of course, the rhythm and phrasing is entirely different, which creates a feeling of disorientation.

Thanks again!
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