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Bootfitting experience

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I recently had a new pair of Technica Diablo Mags fit by a trained bootfitter and I'm having problems. I initially had pain on the outside of my feet at the widest part of my foot near the toe. My bootfitter was surprised because he measured me as a "C" width, and said that the Diablo is a "D+" fit. He noticed that my bare feet were making contact with the shell in the navicular (inside) region, and recommended that if he punched out that area it would improved the fit. He open up the shells significantly on the inside, which did seem to improve the fit, however the boots have become MUCH more flexible. Technica rates this boot flex 100 but they now feel like a 60 or less. I'm 6'1" 200 pounds, and I'm washing these things out like a tele boot. Is this caused by the new shape of the shell, or by the hot water bath, and is there something I can do?
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first i would say 6th toe blow out after about 10 ski days to have broke in new liners...dont want to blow out toe area if its really a liner issue...second on wash out ..i found that after i spoke to boot fitter and had him adjust canting so when i pressured boot it was to inside"large toe"..if not i had to really concentrate on down and in to get up on edges or i was washing out and to end it if its warm the boot will be much easier to flex
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