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At Grand Targhee, a little over a week ago, I walked out to see someone attempting to move my locked skis while my unlocked skis and girlfriend's were already gone. I immediately went into "fight" mode and said "hey buddy, what the hell are you trying to do, where the hell are my skis?" He turns around to point to my skis that he moved to the rack behind me and then points to his resort clothing and said" hey buddy I work for the resort." I felt pretty stupid but I thought moving skis was pretty dumb too. I know they were just trying to move racks out of the way but that isn't such a smart policy if you ask me.
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Originally Posted by skiingman
I've told my story about the stupid upstate NY cop who calls every season to ask me dumb questions like "have you seen any stolen Rossignols? They are blue, I don't know anything else about them."
I saw those skis - if only I'd known they were stolen!
Hope this helps: the kid who had them was wearing a navy jacket, and he drove away in a silver four-wheeled car.

What a moron!
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Originally Posted by Noodler
Those thin cable (2.4mm) retractable locks are a joke if someone wants your skis. Yeah that'll stop the walk-off thief, but not the serious ones. I saw a demonstration where a simple Leatherman tool could pop those cables in about 5 seconds. I now use the 5-6mm coiled locks which required a much larger cable cutter to get through - you couldn't cut the cable without being really obvious about it.
But they don't really want *your* skis. My guess is that most of them are not "serious" theives, which would be consisent with crime statistics in general. How many of you have had skis stolen when they were locked?
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Last season at Montage, Scranton, Pennsylvania. I noticed some head bangers hanging around the racks as I locked my skis. "Townie" type kids in gang gear .... (I work in hard areas like Newark, ie, I know bangers from wannabees), they weren't in ski or board gear but the little warning light flashed. All of the other racks were filled and this was the one rack not visible from the lodge windows where three Sheriffs Officers were "guarding the bar".

Came out after a ten minute "can call" and they tried to wrench the skis from the cables and metal rack. Top sheets were torn up but no damage to the bases or bindings.

Every year at the Montage race you would hear a few kids ... "my skis are gone" ....
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