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P-tex gun or Drip?

Poll Results: Do you get plugged in or do you drip?

  • 22% (8)
    P-tex gun (I need toys)
  • 54% (19)
    Drip (gotta luv the fumes and the Pfffft)
  • 22% (8)
    Other (so the poll wouldn't be flawed)
35 Total Votes  
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What method do you like?
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You don't have a drip and other category.

I use both candles and ribbon with a ptex soldering iron from Tognar.
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I never use drip; too much wax in the P-Tex. All my repairs are with the Tognar soldering iron and either P-Tex string or 100% P-Tex sticks.
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Drip for now, though I hate it. I'd love to get a gun, just not in the cards at the moment.

I do have Tognars ptex soldering iron with the wide tip, and some strings of ptex - The problem is that it seems to take a good deal of heat to get the ptex anywhere beyond unusable sticky goop, and I'm terrified I'm going to get too much heat near the rest of the base... Tips? suggestions?
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I just did my first p-tex repair a few days ago. Dripped it in the gouge, let it cool, then took a razor blade and trimmed. After waxing I couldn't even see the repaired area. I was very proud


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Kunzmann soldering iron & ribbon
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Not all drip candles are the same.

Bought some FK ones at REI-SLC while on a trip and found them almost unusable: the flame was too sooty and cold to bond, the patch was still rubbery and adhesive after it had cooled off.
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I use the pure p-tex string and a butane torch. I find the drip candles never bond good. I was told lighting them and just letting the drip doesn't produce a hot enough flame for a good bond. A tech showed my how to use a torch with the string and I've not had any problems. After I fill the gouge, I plane it flat with a Stanley 7 1/4 inch sureform shaver.
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