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1st Time on Skis

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Well, I finally got out for the first time on skis. I liked them waaay better then what I was on before. Much more stable. I actually didnt do too bad for my first time. I hit a small step up. (I was proud of myself ) I've still got some work to do though. Such as working on my initial turn. It seems hard for me to get the start of each turn going, I feel like I really have to work at it to get my turn going. What can I do to make this easier? Any other advice for me as a beginner not knowing much about what I am doing?
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Time on the slopes...

Hi Skiml83,
Cool that you managed to ski.. Having started last year, I found that going back every week and putting more and more time on skis helped. Becoming a better skiier and going faster happens along the way ..
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I'm trying to figure out this post... Are you on new skis? If so, what are they and what were you on (and I'll move this to Gear Discussion). Or are you talking about something else?
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He's a member of the skiboard posse that all recently moved to liek twins omg.

That said, welcome to a real sport. Hope you stick with it.
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Everyone I've seen on skiboards was really relaxed, so part of what's required for turning skis is just exaggerating the motions a bit and using more strength.

At times, I found that taking a wider stance with more independent leg action gave me the extra muscle I needed to do short turns, while giving me the balance I needed to really pressure that tip. I'm not sure whether that's good advice or not, but probably worth a try. It will probably give you a tendency to wedge a bit in your turn transitions, at least at first, but this is really good for turning across the hill.

For carving mean turns, I found that pulling my body forward from the top down was really helpful in getting the feel for the carve, and soon I incorporated getting my hands out in front of me and pulling forward like that as well. I was quickly doing smooth carves with hands dragging the snow if I wanted to (much like an alpine snowboarder). It literally feels like, "i want to go there" then pulling my body in that direction and letting the skis follow. This involves a lot of tipping as well, which I'm sure you do well because of your skiboard background. Get some speed on a slope that levels out and practice turning on the flat sections. With softer boots and skis, I imagine that the pulling sensation is less pronounced. My first turns it was more just stick my outside foot out and lean over, which works well but uses the inside ski less. Using foot pressure, controlling the ski at the bottom of your foot starting with downward pressure in the forefoot, is helpful as the rest of your body starts to fall in line, and still comes into play as you get better. This way you will learn how it feels to pressure the front of the ski and release it towards the tail as the turn progresses. Gradually my style has become a combination of these things.

I am not an expert skier, but I have a good technical base for turning because of my alpine snowboard experience (these are the skinny ones with no tail). For that reason I don't skid well or do quick turns as well as long turns, but as far as I can tell this basically involves doing all of the above plus more pronounced fore-aft motion for short turns. while intentionally "letting" or pushing the skis around for skidded turns. When you feel up to it, ski some moguls on an easy slope. I found that this improved my confidence, snow feel, and strength significantly.

Have Fun!
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Originally Posted by Skiml83
Well, I finally got out for the first time on skis. .... It seems hard for me to get the start of each turn going, I feel like I really have to work at it to get my turn going. What can I do to make this easier? Any other advice for me as a beginner not knowing much about what I am doing?
Try the ski EpicSki instruction forums. Also see video set1 and video set 2
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You might want to try doing some lunges as well as this will improve your ability to balance and withstand pressuring the front of the ski.

Check out www.sport1.at under videos then wintersports for some WC race clips, keeping in mind that these guys ski very aggressively and have stiff equipment (and ski in a tuck much of the time). The videos posted by catskills will probably be more helpful.

Detail : After thinking about it some more, I realize that I pull, or drive my inside hip quite a bit when doing turns, while focusing at the same time on my outside ski edge. So if I were turning to the right I would look in that direction (important) and leading with my head I would drive my body in that direction using my right hip, arm, and shoulder although the left arm should be forward as well. However most of the pressure will shift to your outside ski so your focus will shift to there while your body compresses at the apex of the turn, then it evens out until you are ready to change edges. Again, when I was first learning how to carve on skis (still kind of am) I would just stick my leg out and lean while letting my inside ski do what it needed to do, mainly just keeping it out of the way. Gradually I am learning to how to pressure the inside ski.

In simplest terms, it's kind of like flying but with more muscle involved. Seriously pretend you're superman and start turning (I'm not kidding). The most important part is just to look where you are going, and the body will follow (even with skis attached).

I also learned a lot one day from following my dad's tracks (doing quick skidded turns - he learned on shaped skis but skis more old style).
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