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Reno - Boomtown all-u-can-eat Lobster reviews?

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I'm a reno/north shore regular who has driven past the huge billboards advertising Boomtown's whole lobster buffet countless times, wondering if it's any good.

The El Dorado used to have whole lobsters with their Friday buffets, but no more

Anyone with experiences at Boomtown??
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Excellent Lobster, Good Value

Originally Posted by yelloboy
Anyone with experiences at Boomtown??
I stopped in there during one of two business trips in 2005. The first time around I saw the billboard advertising the Whole Maine Lobster buffet while driving from Sacramento into Reno, but it was during the week. The second time I drove in on a Friday I believe, one of the days that the Lobster all-u-can-eat buffet is put on, remembered the billboard and stopped in.

The lobster was excellent and cannot be beat for the price. The lobster sizes are nothing spectacular, medium at best, but the quality was excellent. As for the rest of the buffet it was nothing too spectacular. I thought the Peppermill was better for an overall experience, however it had a decent selection with good overall quality.

I believe the price was in the $25-30 range and the servers/chefs barely batted an eyebrow when you went up and asked them to load up the lobsters 2 or 3 at a time.

This was my first experience anywhere with an all-u-can-eat whole lobster buffet, however it would be hard to top. If you love lobster, you definately need to check this one out.
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Nuroman is right on about Boomtown. The Atlantis in Reno has a great all you can eat buffet for 25.00 food is excellent.
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We waited two-three hours to get in. The lobster was not as good as expected because they cook (steam) it in large batches, its mostly overcooked and lost its texture. I will not do it again, not to starve to death anyway. I like the rain forest setting in Peppermill, especially when they had the $10 special, but no longer this year.
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I lived in the area for a while and still have family down there. I went to the boomtown all you can eat, wasn't that great. Lobster was WAY over cooked and very tough. I am more of an Atlantis or Peppermill fan. The boomtown one isn't anything special, and I wouldn't suggest going if you have to make a special trip...
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This was THE worst meal i have EVER ate!!We both are sick this morning !!The lobster were FULL of eggs and STUNK!! I should have never eaten it !!I work in the industry(meat and seafood ) however I didnt notice hoow bad it smelled untill i left and had to scrub my hands !!still the smell was there!! DISCUSTING!!

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The only free cheese is in the mouse trap

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Due to airline kerfuffles, we're staying one night at Peppermill, arriving about 10pm. Where in Reno is the best place to eat??? We'll eat Asian (including jelly fish), Italian, Lebanese, Greek, fresh road kill, anything.

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I wish I saw this earlier...


Sushi> The Atlantis

Vietnamese/Chinese> Asian Noodle

Mexican>Taco Del Toro

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Italian? Deli? Greek?

Inquiring minds needs teh calamari fixx, don't'cha know. duck.gif
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Saw the billboard, went to eat there, arrived, saw the line, left.

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Regular buffet ... Poor food quality and limited foods selections. The larger downtown hotel casinos have much better buffets!
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