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Bode covered by Slate.com

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I have been trying to follow the Bode threads but I may have missed a post or two. Don't know if anyone else posted a link to Friday's Slate.com article. A slightly different take than most of the others I have read, with, *gasp,* a bit of humor.


Just a different take, from the non-mainstream press.
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Funnier than hell.
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One of the few articles written about Bode that he might actually want to read. I haven't enjoyed reading any of the other articles nearly as much as this one, very entertaining.
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Mmmmmm . . . Kegerator
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Thanks for the link...good read for sure.
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I especially like the part about lots of blue and red poles to hold on to.

Hey skiingman, are you a Pastafarian?
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Nah, not really...but I play one during my TV sermons. :-D
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skiers go in search of the brandy (or the Budweiser) themselves. This is not always a good thing—which is why I usually try to get off the slopes by 2 p.m., especially if there are Kennedys around.
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This was my favorite part of the article:

"As someone who's spent time with the U.S. ski team, I can add some advice: If you play drinking games with these guys, you will lose."

Having gone to school in New Hampshire and hung out with a lot of ski racers, I can attest to their ability to drink often and *well* and drink the rest of us under the table. Why no one caught on to this fact before is beyond me. . .

I'm way more afraid of the recreational skiers I see downin' 'em in the bar on the hill than I am Bode, alone with his gates. . .
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