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Best Tune in Boulder, CO area?

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Don't tune my own skis, but I am out fairly frequently and need frequent wax/tune. Was using a place in my neighborhood, but I think staff has turned over and I was less than impressed with ski performance after last couple of tunes.

Anyone happen to know firsthand of a great tune shop in the Boulder, CO area? If I had time/energy I might embrace doing it myself, but have yet to find a moment in the day, and if I find one I go skiing! Thanks for any suggestions.

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mollmeister, where was it that seemed to have changed?

I usually have my skis tuned up in Frisco, at Precision for machine tunes and Hi Country Sports (in the Holiday Inn) for hand tunes. However, I dinged the crap out of my skis yesterday and need to go out of town so want to drop them somewhere in Boulder. I was planning to drop them at Christy Sports. Any other suggestions?
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I'd stick with Christie's. I used Cutting Edge Sports for a while, because they had a branch near my house and would send 'em to one of the shops in Boulder. Used to be a pretty good tune, but they felt slow and dull after last couple of visits.

I try to get a hand tune when I am spending the night up in the mountains, but I just haven't found a place that bowls me over down here.

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Try Crystal ski shop and talk to Tony the owner. Crystal does tunes as well as being a rental shop. Tony has been tuning my skis for 20 years and is one of the most experienced guys in town. They do have a stone grinder. Just tell him what you need done and be sure to tell him what bevels you want. He will also do custom race tunes if you need it.
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rcahill, thanks! I have rented stuff there, but forgot about their tunes. Thanks!
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