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My first post here. What a wealth of information. At 53 I'm finally going to combine my climbing/hiking passion with skiing. (5'8" 170#) My Dynastar Intuitiv 182s are great on the groomers but looking for something to mount some Fritschis on for Muir and Palmer snowfields as well as south side of Adams in late spring conditions. (Highly variable, maybe pow up high, icy in the AM softening to corn in the middle, slush and sun cups down lower.) Oh.. BTW, I also want to use it on powder days in and around Mission Ridge ski area (Am I asking for too much in 1 ski?) Based on the threads here (and my brand loyalty?) the 8800 at 178 are my first choice, but I've yet to see any drop in the price anywhere. Something cheaper perhaps? What about the Foils?
Would like to hear what folks have used on those slopes in late spring.
Would have gone with the Dynastar 8800 but the price on the Foils was too hard to beat (Thank You, Sierra Jim). Spent the last 2 days on my new 174s with Fritschis at Mission Ridge here in drier eastern Washington. Since I started reading the Forums and doing my research I immediately noticed 2 camps with regard to the Salomon 1080s. In any case, I wanted a lightweight setup for AT so that was a tradeoff I made. The first thing about this ski that was a pleasant surprise was its carving ability both on and off piste. I wouldn't put it against my Intuitiv for turns and stability at speed but I had a fun time with it. As I was with my 8 year old I wasn't able to explore the limits of the ski area but we skied areas of powder in the trees between the groomed runs for short bursts of its flotation. I'm not disappointed and I think this ski will serve my purpose....A playful ski I'm glad to have.