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Advice on Salomon skis & boots???

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I have a friend who is 5'11"-6'0", 156lbs, with narrow feet (probably a C). He is an early advanced skier and is looking to upgrade his skis. He has a connection with Salomon, and can get a great deal through the company (so he is limited to Salomon).
I had him try my Salomon X-Scream Series skis last year. They performed well for him after he got used to the responsiveness (1 run), but he doesn't feel personally that he is ready for that level of ski (he skis everywhere I do--mostly blacks and double blacks, involves some mogul runs).
My question is: Which ski is best suited for him? Should he check out the Scream 8 Pilot, and the Verse 10 Pilot? Or am I right, in that he is ready for X-Scream Series or Scream 10 Pilot?
He is also looking for new boots (the ones he has are too wide for his feet). I'm not sure on the Salomon boots which one he should get, since he tried on my Salomon Course 9.0 and they weren't comfortable for him. I have suggested skipping getting Salomon boots and looking into getting Lange Banshee 90 or 110. I've told him the boot fit is more vital than the ski, and should not compromise the performance and comfort just because he can get a deal on Salomon's. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Has he tried the crossmax series of skis. I bet he would like the crossmax7, it's a good ski. I've heard that you ski it shorter than you would some of the other skis out there though.
Also, don't give up on the Solomon boots, just because the ones you have are not comfortable on him does not mean that one of the other models would not be. Here's an idea, since women's feet tend to run narrower than men's feet, have him try on a women's model if his feet are not too big to fit the largest women's boot. They look identical to the men's and most are not marked with anything to identify them as women's. The newer models are Navy blue or Gray (I think). I know women that have to go to a men's boot because their foot is too wide for a women's model, why couldn't the inverse also be true.

I know they are supposed to be designed a little different, but I couldn't see or feel the difference the other day when I was in a boot trying mode. I didn't end up getting different boots, mine are a year old, we worked with them and made them smaller so I now do not have a problem with them.

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Salomon rec boots as a rule are wide in the forefoot, probably not the best choice for your friend with anarrow foot.
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If he wants a narrow boot in the Salomon line he can try the Pro Model Flex Index 95 (slightly softer than the X-Wave 10) and narrower in the forefoot than the X-Wave series. The Pro-Model is expensive though.
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