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We Need A Place To Crash.

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Three Adult skiers level 8-9 and three kid(age 8-16) level 6-7 skiers all rabid Steelers fans need a place to crash in the Summit County, greater Denver area. We intend to watch the Steelers win on Sunday then spend the rest of the week poaching all your secret runs.

Any Bears care to host us? Contact Springhill Crazie or Marcus Treebarker.
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Too bad you're not coming out during ESA week! We were looking for a cat sitter. Next year, tell the Steelers to plan their game accordingly!
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I won't be able to ski come ESA and Gathering time, otherwise I'd volunteer now.
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After the depressing Steelers loss, will you be up to skiing at all?
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Sorry I can't help out Springhill since I live in Virginia, but I'm offering to by the gathering attendees a round of drinks while we watch the STEELERS win the Superbowl at a bar in Park City
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