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What brace to use?

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I was out riding at Bridger Bowl last week and twisted my left knee pretty bad. I gave it 5 days and went out again in search of some cliffs to huck, needless to say, it's busted up good this time and I need some advice on what type of knee brace to use when I can hit the slopes again. I don't have a whole lotta money to spend and I'm trying to avoid a doctor visit. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Thanks for your time,
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Did you hear or feel a pop when you twisted your knee? If so, you should probably visit a doc. It may end up costing more in the future if you don't get it taken care of now!
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skier219, I didn't here a pop and I checked out some pictures of knees online; Based on the location of the pain, it's the outside ligaments that run vertical along the outside of the knee.
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