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From K2 Fours to .... ? (ski and length)

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I've been skiing a set of K2 Fours (188cm) since the year they came out. My poor old Four's are finally trashed and I'm ready to move on to something new.

When I bought my Fours there was no 193, only the 188 and 198. I think I might have been a bit happier with the 193, but its hard to know. The 198 was certainly a bit long.

I weight in at 180lbs, 6'3", and 27 years of age. I've been skiing since I was twelve. Most of my skiing these days is done on vacations out west. I ski anything and everything on the mountain, and generally prefer mountains like Jackson, Alta, and Snowbird.

After looking through posts and talking to people I'm thinking of demo'ing the Rossi Bandit B2s and the K2 Axis XP. Does anyone have any other suggestions? What length should I go with?

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This, of course, is strictly my opinion, but you really can't go wrong with a Volkl Vertigo G3. It does everything well. I'd go with a 177.
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If youre skiing mostly in the east you might want to also try the Volkl T50 5 star and the Volkl P50 platinum. If you like tree skiing and would prefer a turnier ski, then i would go with the T50. If you like short turns on groomed snow then go with a slalom carver. At this point i would say to go with the P50 platinum, or a ski that is very similar to it in length, flex, and shape. Other skis are the fischer RC4 RC (i think its the RC - deffinitly not the SC), Rossignol Viper STX (looks like loads of fun), and Atomic C:11. Essentially any race carver/carver from any manufacturer would do very well for you. Try and keep the length between 170 and 180. It may seem very short to you at first but they will be more fun in shorter lengths - especially if youre skiing in the east all the time. If you do make trips out west then i would look into a ski like the T50 that is at home on groomed/hard snow but doesnt mind a good thrashing in the trees every now and then.
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greg and UP offer good advice.

however, if you prefer the K2 flavor of skis, I suggest trying the following, depending on what type of skiing you prefer:

Escape 5500 (outstanding value in all-mountain ski, bias toward groomed runs)

Axis R (carving/racing-biased skis, ski length determines turn arc - ski short for SL, longer for GS)

Axis and Axis X (midfats with great all-mountain performance INCLUDING moguls, and the X model is a bit more energetic and demanding)

and, of course, the Axis XP you already mentioned.

For size - 190 range (188 for Volkls, etc) for midfats and all-mountain skis, 170/160 range for the carver/racers like the Axis R.

Other great skis are everywhere, so keep looking. Remember that there have been huge technological advances since the Four was a new ski, and so you shouldn't expect skis to be as limited or niche-oriented as they were when the Four was new.

Greg's recommendation of the T-50 Five Star (also put the Four Star on your list) is a good example of the huge versatility in modern skis. The T-50 essentially is a race ski with beef to handle crud.

Remember that some skis tend to be more demanding because of their smallish "sweet spots." Any race or race-related ski will be that way, as will many all-mountain skis if you try German or Austrian models like Fischer or Volkl.

If I had to recommend only one ski, it would be this:

Volkl Vertigo G3 if you are an accomplished skier with solid technique and can afford the price of the G3.

K2 Escape 5500 if you are slightly less accomplished and do not want to pay the higher price of the G3.
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