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There are a few variables here that haven't been addressed. If the flex is too soft .... and .... the guy is a heavyweight, not only will he over
power the ski, but they may give him problems under icy conditions.

Actually K-2's were in my mind as I posted because some of our heavy instructors were having tip cracks and worse total decambering of the ski after only a few months.

Uncle Yuki is used to taking crap ... for skiing on "womens" skis ... because after the FIS rule change, my 156 SL's suddenly "morphed" into a womens ski by default. I have no plans to ditch them; they are my favorites.

Camber is an issue as is the weight of the skiier.

Now .... all of you who disagree with me ..... get back to the sales floor and start getting that product out the door .... and do it now!