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Question from a student

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So I had a young lady (30's) today ask me during my level 5 ("ski the blue runs") lesson "How can I turn like you do?"

Intrugued, I asked, "And how is that?"

"Without moving your feet" was her reply.

I thought it was one of the best compliments I've ever gotten about my skiing. I then went on to ensure her it was just an illusion....
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Better than the one I received. "You're so smooth your skiing looks kinda dead"
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wish my skiing was that dead!
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My favorate was a beginner student from Japan, who had pretty good English but not a grasp for slang or jargon.

On a chairlift ride he asked:
"So, what is differance between pole plant and face plant?"

As timing would have it, just as I finished describing a pole plant, a skier below us tumbled and demo'd a face plant for clarification.
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Damn.. I suck at skiing and do ugly parallel turns because I'm too lively. The secret to being smooth is to ski like the dead? if only I had known this earlier....
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"Without moving your feet" was her reply.
Being patient in the turn transition to get both skis flat, pass through equal weight foot to foot, and smoothly move past the cross-over point is the secret as you know. From there, it is using the ski along the lengh and not pushing against width of the ski.
That is the focus of my L6, 7, and 8 lessons.

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