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Please Help RE: Ski Boot Fit Problem

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I wear a size 11 5E width and my ski boots and especially my boot liner will not fit after being "pushed" wider several times.

Is there anybody out there with very wide feet who has had a problem fitting into ski boots?
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Is your foot a size 11.5 US and an E width foot? or is your foot a size 11.0 US and your width is an EEEEE food? (5E). If your 5E, i think you're SOL sorry to say...might fit in a strolz. If you're an E width, and you've had your boots stretched, check to see if the liner's been stretched too. If the liner hasn't been stretched, you have the shell which is stretched and the liner which isn't. Your foot isn't gonna feel like it's in a roomier boot if the liner is forcing your foot back into the original shape of the boot.

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I think your talking a Strolz boot here with that type of width. They make quite wide shells (Teutonic feet after all). You'll get a leather liner which is foamed to your foot. Not a lot of shops carry them but they are around most major ski areas.

-good luck
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You don't mention if you have foot beds yet.
You might want to check into this option too. If you lift and support your arch to the neutral position quite often the foot spread is considerably less and you may not truly need that wide of a boot.
Just a thought.
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All very good advice here. I might add- Are you buckkling up super tight? Many guys think they have to crank down on their boots to get control. Or.. "the racers crank 'em down, I should too!" Go looser. Try sking with the instep buckle completely unbuckled. Some feet just don't like being squished. Mine are like that. Also try a softer inner boot. I have Salomon Super Force with a flex index of 115. Super stif puppies. I had them stretched out and deflex. 1000% better. I still have some numbness now and then but a softer inner boot might help me. <note> I had to fight my ego "I'm making this race boot softer. Gee! I won't be a 'dude' skier anymore!" Bull! The boot is more forgiving, I don't get thrown into the backseat anymore, with a softer flex I don't cut off my ciculation so much, balance is great now, I ski faster with great form. I'm doing things I used to do 25 years ago and better.

Nothing is worse than a bad fitting boot!
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With feet that big do you really need skis and ski boots? Ok all kidding a side check out Dale Boot in Salt Lake City. Dale boot is the Only custom boot maker in the U.S.This is not taking some off the shelve boot and making it fit your foot this is a custom made boot.
For about $500.00 you will have custom made boots liners and foot beds made for your feet!checkout the web page dalebootusa.com

The Best skier in the world is the One with the biggest smile. Utah49
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