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first trip out west

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Hey all, I'm finally taking my first real trip out west (from a 250 foot hill in michigan), I'm going to jackson hole with a friend for 5 days . I've got room for two pairs of skis, so I figured I will bring a pair of race skis for the groomers (my friend will be on sl p60's ) and a pair of skis for the everything else. I dont really have any powder or all mountain skis so I'm wondering what my best combination would be would be. Here are my choices
1) 168cm K2 Axis
2) 160cm and 170cm Salomon Verse 9's
3) 165cm Dynastar Omeglass 64's
4) 184cm Dynastar Course 66's
5) 174cm Fischer World Cup gs
6) 160cm Atomic 9'12

Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks
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definitely take the k2 axis. I would suggest renting a pair of powder skis if they get a dumping of snow. You'll have much more fun on wider planks in deeper snow
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Fatter is better.... Leave your skinny skis behind and get something 90+ or wider. The last couple weeks even 90 isn't wide enough.
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Thanks for the feedback, how much is it to rent skis for a day out there?
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the axis x are excellent in soft snow. if there's more than a foot of fresh, rent some fatties.
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From 250 foot of vert to 4000 foot+ of Vert. Not bad for your first time out west. Of Course you don't have to do all 4000 in one lap down the mountain. The K2 Axis should be fine for most of your skiing. If you do run into a really dump renting a pair of wider skis would make skiing powder a lot easier for you. Just keep in mind That in the day they did ski powder on very narrow GS skies and it was still a lot of fun. Enjoy Jackson Hole. I think most skiers would agree it is the most challenging mountain and one of the most beautiful in The lower 48 states.
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