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Boot Questions

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For my entire life I've had flat feet. I've always had to go to someone to have special orthotics inserts made for my sneakers and shoes. I have been hearing a lot about custom footbeds for ski boots. Is this what a custom footbed is, just a custom orthotic insert? Do I need to go out and get something specifically made for the ski boot or will the one from my sneaker work fine?

Also, I have a Atomic Race:10 boot, with the Thermo Skin (the one where its heated and fitted to my foot). They're amazingly comfortable and have excellent performance. The boot is the right size, any smaller and my foot would be cramped. The only problem is that my shin is so small that I'm forced to wear a couple of pairs of socks (up to three) to get a really tight fit up top that’s good enough for a run on the course. I have the compression strap on the boot that I use and it helps, but sometimes I'll have the buckles almost all the way before they're good enough for a race. Is this something that other people who are on the skinny side have encountered or is it just my boot? Anything I can do to the boot to help a little? Thanks.
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I have flat feet too. All I can say it use only one pair of sock if thats not possible u need prof help.
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tyr the footbeds that you have to see if the will fit in and work.

chicken legs:
try doing the power strap around the liner not the shell.

redrill or just unscrew and move the buckles 2cm tighter

find a dead boot and remove the tounge and ski with that in front of the boot

If you can ski with 3 socks and still have toe room boots might be too big (and that will make the chicken leg issue worse)

1-2cm shell fit?
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I stuck in my orthotics and it made a world of difference. Before putting them in I had about 1-2cm of room in the front, now I have none but its still comfortable. It pushed my leg up a little and made it easier to flex the boot. I can actually stand a lot better in the boots now then I could before, hopefully I'll see an improvement as drastic in my skiing. I'll try the booster strap, I've heard some great things about them.

On the back of the boots I have an option for a 14 and 16 flex, does anyone have a translation of these numbers into a more universal flex rating?
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Use InstaPrint Boot Tongues to take up volume in cuff of boot. They work great cost about $20, and will also give you better heel holdown .

www.tognar.com Boot Fit Aids has tongue inserts for taking up volume too
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this is a dumb old idea with my old loose boat.....if you feel u have too much room above ur toe area cut out some matress foam and duct tape it to the top of your lining......

when i got my new boots I make sure that I don't have any room in the toe area
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