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Tip Up Technique

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Check out the followng photos from today's (1/14) DH at Wengen:

http://sports.yahoo.com/ski/photo?slug=we11001141511.switzerland_world_cup_alp ine_skiing_we110&prov=ap

http://sports.yahoo.com/ski/photo?slug=we10901141447.switzerland_world_cup_alp ine_skiing_we109&prov=ap

Obviously, a new Downhill technique is emerging on the World Cup!

"Before I added the Jet Stick to my right boot I never imagined how fast I could be...! Tip up! It works!" shared the always exhuberant Aamodt.
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I am very familiar with that technique! (although in my case, that is usually followed by falling on my butt, we'll let that pass as a mere triviality of no consequence).

Alas, to think I could have made millions coaching world cup racers and living the high life
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