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Seven Springs 1/15

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The PowDigger clan will at Seven Springs at first lift on Sunday January 15, 2006.

Anyone looking spend the day turning to the left and then turning to the right and sometimes going straight drop me a "PM" or meet a the six pack lift at 9:00am.

For those Seven Springs folk who already have my cell phone its the same as last year.

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Figures - I'm off today, but not tomorrow

I ran up there last evening for awhile when I was post-call, but conditions were not the greatest. Add to that the fact that silly me forgot that it was the start of MLK weekend ..... busloads of teenagers/college-breakers who were snowplowing and flailing their poles around like scimitars.: So I lasted about 2 hours and then called it quits.

Today is colder and snowing, so it should be much better by Sunday- but last night was a mix of slop and ice. I got to the point where I almost went over-the-handlebars on some piles of crud, then had the realization that if I hurt myself BEFORE ESA, that all that money and potential experience would be down the tubes. Therefore, I went home.

Have Fun with the family - maybe another time for me.
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Sorry, off to see "Spamalot" tomorrow.
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