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Brand Spanking New - The Ultimate Ski Guide

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A friend of mine, David Holyoak, yesterday launched the online version of Ultimate Sports' Ski Guides. You can find it HERE!

Currently covering some of the top resorts in the US and Europe the guides are intended to be the definitive reference on where to ski and what to expect when you get there.

Contributors include Arnie Wilson, the respected Financial Times ski correspondent and editor of The Ski Club Of Great Britain's magazine "Ski and Board" and Warren Smith, one of Europe's top freeride professionals and instructors.

I think it's extremely cool. What do you folks think?

(PS I have NO financial involvement!)
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Looks good...
but I notice it's got last year's Alta piste map, without the new Collins chair.
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It cannot be the "Ultimate" ski guide if it only focuses on a selection of Europe and North America.
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Oz, it's growing - we were discussin it on snowHeads, and from what I gather, they chose to launch it now, rather than wait until it was complete. It is a grwoing website, so hopefully will become "ultimate" one day.
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Thanks to David Murdoch for telling you about our new site.

The site went live Friday last week and as Wear the Fox Hat rightly says we are growing the site. There is enough already we think to show credentials and to start the process of waiting patiently for Google etc spiders to come visit and get indexed.

We just skied through the starting gate and have lots more to do and plenty turns to make.

Agree with the Man from Oz, we need add Australia and New Zealand, and why not South America. There are ski resorts beginning with every letter if the alphabet except Q and X or can anyone help us complete the alphabet.
Already speaking to a friend who is going to help us with Oz and Kiwi land, but all good contributions welcome.

Apologies if Alta ski map out of date. Thanks to Wear the Fox Hat for letting us know. I have emailed our content manager and asked him update asap. We'll do our best, but got a mountain of stuff to do so can't be here as often as I'd like, but will be checking in from time to time.

And if you like www.ultimate-ski.com please help spread the word. We'll be adding more resorts and more functionality in weeks to come .
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It definitely has a strong British flavour to it. I especially love that you feel the need to explain to skiers "why ski off-piste".
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good thing someone's BOOSTING the RESORTS because we all know that the RESORTS need more gaper traffic.

ra ra ra! boosters are GO!

resorts are GO!

poseurs are GO!
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Pretty good from what I read, quite comprehensive. However, I would have liked to see a section of honest, unbiased (is this possible??) assessment of snow conditions. This is one of the first things I look at when deciding to visit a new resort - and crucial when evaluating European resorts. Sometimes you have to read between the lines with information such as snowfall statistics, elevation, season start and end dates.
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honest, unbiased assessment of snow conditions

Hi ShellBee, agree this crucial and we need time to find our feet on the subjec of snow. We going start with an XML snow report feed which we pay for, but we keen to build a network of local mountain guides and seasonaires who can give us accurate feed back on snow conditions. Good news travels fast and easy to be accurate when it just dumped fresh powder, but not so easy to be accurate about conditions when it hasn't snowed for two weeks or more.
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Ok - sorry! That was a bit misleading about what I actually meant - an honest assessment about the sort of conditions that can be expected in a resort over the season, not necessarily day to day - that sort of information can be found elsewhere.

I have a really great book on ski resorts worldwide - I think it is English, very thorough - and rates each resort on a number of criteria, one of which is the snow quantity/quality.

It would be very easy to put together a meaningful paragraph about the sort of weather/snow conditions you could expect to find in a particular resort.
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No worries ShellBee - your comments appreciated - now understand what you want and agree we need to add some narrative together with a rating system that gives a reliable indication whether a resort is snow sure or what, mostly north or south facing bla bla. We'll do it but not this week. Think the book you are talking about is Where to Ski & Snowboard.

The Alta map has been updated. Thanks to Wear the Fox Hat for letting us know.
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Originally Posted by davidh
The Alta map has been updated. Thanks to Wear the Fox Hat for letting us know.
Now, my next complaint - Milton Keynes. No piste map, no review, nothing! It's a disgrace! Call yourselves the "Ultimate Guide" and there's no mention of the scenic drive round the roundabouts, the different priced parking areas... come on man, get your finger out!
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MK sounds tricky! we're gonna need some more contributors ... and then there's the apres ski! Hmmmm! :
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Looks nice, I will def check out further!
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