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Salomon Pro Gun vs. Lange 120 FR?

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I'm an aggressive off-piste skier, age 38, 5'7", 150 lbs. Low volume foot.

I'm considering these two boots: Salomon Pro Gun and Lange Comp 120 FR.

Any thoughts on either boot?

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I think both get good reviews; I'd choose based on fit / feel.

Alot of guys seem to like the FR for off-piste. I have 120 Comps (bought before FR was introduced) and like them alot. The shorter FR cuff would probably be better for my skiing (mostly bowls). The 120's flex quite a bit more than my prior Lange L10's but I don't miss the stiffness (forward) for offpiste skiing at all. Lateral stiffness / response is very good.

I've only had 4 boots in last 20 years; 3 have been Lange. I just like their fit / feel. I'm sure the Solly is a great boot; I just have had no reason to change from Lange (when it ain't broke...).
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the lange is narrower in width, and instep height, bit tighter heel. similar fit really

go for the better fit, both are nice
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the pro model gun only has an 85 or 90 flex which means if you are an agressive expert you may overpower irt. The lange has a 120 flex. I ski in the lange comp 120 fr and love them. Both are great boots, but i would choose the comp 120 freeride based on your description
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the flex numbers do not compare brand to brand. A lange 100 is not a salomon 100, and even a lange team 100 (jr boot) is not the same a comp 100 (ladies boot) and is not 10% stiffer then a CLR90, or 20% softer then a 120. Just marketing numbers really

Overall, I think, that a salomon pro and 120 FR flex about the same.
you can also remove the screws on the back of the lange to make it softer, or add screws into the pre drilled holes on the sides of the pro's
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The numbers are certainly not comparable.

The 120 Lange is not a very stiff boot (w/ respect to forward flex). Much softer than the L10, its predecessor.

I think its a good all-around flex especially for off-piste, etc. skiing.
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i was also stuck between the two boots.....the lange is definately a bit softer than the promodel...i went with the gun and the only complaint i have is that it is rather temp sensitive, pretty soft in warmer weather but quite stiff when it gets really cold. but thats common with most transparent plastic boots, so the lange probably is the same way.
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