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A few laps at Stevens Pass - Friday the 13th, Jan 06

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Between school drop off and school pickup, there was time to sneak up to Stevens to bang out just a few laps today. Shoved a camera in my pocket and managed to take a few shots.

Been dumping for days, but the temps have been bouncing around the freezing zone. Lots of deep snow. Mostly pretty heavy. Very variable with elevation and aspect. Some caution was called for (see mountbakerskier's posts regarding snow conditions and tree wells in the PNW). Weirdly, the lower elevation heavy use packed and cut "blues" like Gemini were harder skiing then the "double blacks". Light was mostly flat and humidity made goggles borderline useless. Nonetheless, fun was had.

sos scoping out Bobby (I don't know why they bother with the sign - by the time you can read it, you are well into the run )

an unknown, good natured person who ejected on entry into the chute (yes, we did help round up his gear)

sos after we cut over to Nancy

sos on cloud nine

more cloud nine


cloudpeak on cloud nine

and more...
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And more...

and more...

sos entering Corona Bowl (and cloudpeak peeking in at the top)

cloudpeak at the top of Corona Bowl

last run heading for home - sos cruising

and more...

almost there...

where'd that Sultan Bakery apple fritter go? !!!!
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Cool shots, but WHAT! no buttermilk or old fashioned?:
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Those look like fun trails. Where is Stevens Pass? Also, give me a nice tall glass of milk and I'll finish off that whole box of goodies, starting with that monster choc chip muffin:
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It is near Seattle. www.stevenspass.com Like most of the areas around here, it is a day use area - so it tends to be skipped over whenever a discussion or review is focused on "resorts".
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Nice pics. I'll be there next week.

I was up at Blackcomb yesterday and skied a face on their 7th Heaven that looked EXACTLY like Stevens' Cloud 9 (on THEIR 7th Heaven). I don't know what that area is called, but it's not on the Cloud 9 run at Blackcomb. That would be truly strange.
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Very Nice..
I always thought Stevens was great when I lived in WA..thanx for the pics
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Thanks for the pictures Spindrift!

Brings back memories of skiing there Christmas week,1982.
Had just over 2 feet fresh pow.
That was my first and only time in the PNW.
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I was there the 14th, It's the only places that's really near me so I go to Whistler, Big White and Colorado when I can. Steven's is a bit pricey for what you get but meh, I still have a good day. Backside on a good dday is pretty nice. I usually go every Saturday, I get there at around 8:30 AM and stay until about 9 PM when my mom says it's time to go
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