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Originally Posted by artskii
let me begin by saying great post James. You and my son have similar minds.
I must agree that Freschetta is the superior pie.
huckingfeller, let me know when you are coming to michigan and I can show you Boyne mt. If it snows before then (and thats a big "if" this winter) we have some tight and steep trees, if not we have some pretty good terrain on piste as well. If all else fails there's always the halfway house. Always a good time.
trekchick; You are welcome too. There is something for everyone at boyne.I grew up in traverse city and spent a lot of time at Crystal mt. great place to ski. I've done some skiing at nubs too but I think boyne has more to offer. More steeps and more variety.
Hope we can all get together, Kneal Brownson is also a regular here and he drives up from traverse pretty much daily.
Remmember " its all down hill from here! " quoted from hippy bill. boyne regular
see ya, art.
ps." Bells " consecrator dopplebock is my beer of choice when enjoying a hot Freschetta pizza apre ski.
I don't know if James should write professionally or does write professionally, but either way...this was fun.
Although......Have any of you tried the Schwanns self rising pizza, Or thier Brick oven Spinach pizza? I think we should all get together and have a Pizza bake off of our favorite frozen pizza.
We are trying to plan a lot of leisure into the next few months. My plan is to make time for Boyne. I'll let you know if we get it together.

Our trouble is....we have a seasonal business which allows for extra time in the winter, thus we over plan our free time and don't end up with much free time.
We are working with the NASF on the Motorcycle Ice Race on January 29th, It's pretty exciting stuff!
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Hope to see you soon, my wife and I are there every weekend.
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