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Kicking Horse

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I'm traveling to Banff next Friday for 4 days of skiing and am wondering if Kicking Horse is worth the drive for a day or two of skiing (maybe to avoid the weekend Calgary crowds?) I'm staying in Canmore with a rental car.

I like the way the terrain looks but am concerned by the low capacity of the lift network and thin cover at the bottom.

Any opinions would be appreciated.
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nice change for a day, but I'd just do 2 days at SSV and 2 at LL....

snow in the upper, rain in lower, and just one gondola for the whole thing
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For only four days, I would suggest the same split-2 at LL and 2 at SV.
We went to KH last year but we had 6 days in the area. We stayed betweeen
Banff and LL and the ride to KH was about 2 hours each way. It will be even longer from Canmore. Also, they were doing lots of highway construction right outside of Golden. I wonder if that is complete by now. The road is slow and winding with lots of truck traffic, so it is slow going once you get off the trans Canada.
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I don't have time to go into details, but a few minutes spent using the search function will reveal a great deal about KH. The lift system blows. And they are the most disingenuous resort I've ever seen when it comes to reporting conditions. When they talk about great snow conditions, check to see how nasty the stew of stumps, rocks, gravel, branches, mud and slush is on the lower half of the mountain -- the part you have to ski virtually every run. I could see it being big fun on a epic day with a deep base. But in general, I'm no KH fan. (based on one very irritating trip...)
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