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Wolf Creek Pass

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We're in a pickle for our Spring Break trip.
New Mexico has no appreciable snow, so we're looking at either WCP or Crested Butte.
I don't know enough about WCP, except that my fellow Texans say it has some of the best deepest snow within driving distance of Austin.
Where would you stay, Pagosa Springs?
Any input is appreciated.
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Like NM, Wolf Creek is having a dry year. Spring break is still a ways off and that could change drastically before then. Over Christmas we headed went to WC for one day and it was dissapointing. We then went up to CB and Monarch the following week and it was great.

In Pagosa I always stay at the Spa motel - not to be confused with the Springs across the street. The spa has a huge outdoor hot springs pool and segrigated bath houses. The large pool is kept right around body temp in the winter and I love to bob around in there and stretch after a long day of skiing. The Spa is not new or modern, but it has a certain charm.
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