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Custom Bootfitters in Boston area? (to fix 'toe bang')

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Any good custom boot-fitters in the Boston area? (I know good boot-fitters are hard to find)

My boots are in great shape, and they actually fit very well (I've had work done on them before, custom liners, alignment, and custom footbeds), but the problem is that now that I've gotten into jumps a little (nothing too complex, just jumping and doing a spread eagle or twister or something like that - basically so i can compete in the local amateur mogul comps) when I land I get serious 'toe bang' (if that's what it's called?), where my big toe slams into the front of the boot and it hurts very very much. So, I am thinking that other than some necessary improvement in my jumping and landing technique (just because I say I am getting into it, doesn't mean I am any good at it), my boot might be a tad too big at the toe and I might need further adjustments made to it. Problem is, it's late season, and I am way too busy to make it up to the resorts to get the work done (and I am not sure how much longer the experts will be up there anyway).

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Try Bob smith's Wilderness house on 1048 Comm. Ave. 617-277-5858 and ask for Dave. I have not used him but I know people that have. I guess he has worked on allot of the pros boots. He has a great reputation. You can also try the Ski Stop in Westwood. He does a great job as well. That's where I went for my boot fitting.

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You might want to try Geoff at Ski Shop West in Framingham (on route 9). I haven't used him for boot fitting, but have spoken with him on a number of ski-related issues and have been impressed with his knowledge and openness. Also, I know of 2 people who have been there for boot fitting and were/are very happy with the results.

BTW - I seem to recall that he used to work with Tecnica, but I may be wrong there. Good luck.
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Ski Stop, Westwood MA.

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I think the best is Wilderness House on Comm Ave. Gordon Hay of Sole Systems has been fitting boots and making footbeds there for years. I was waiting for him once and talking with the guy he was fitting, he had come in from Chicago to buy boots from Gordo. "Doctor" Dave used to do the actual boot work but began doing the fitting and diagnostics a few years ago to help relieve some of Gordo's workload. I've heard here and elsewhere that Ski Stop is really good, too. So, imho, try to get an appointment with Gordo, if he's not available, get Dave. But if you don't want to go in to Boston (which I can appreciate) or if Westwood is more convenient, go to Ski Stop.
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Another vote for Gordon, and if you can't get him, then his protege Dave. (Tell him Jonathan from MIT sez hi.)
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Another big endorsement for Gordon and Dave. They do outstanding work. I had them give me a little more toe room when they did the footbeds and fitting for my Atomic BetaRace 10.5s. Best boot fit I've ever had.
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If you are worried about the big shops in VT being closed, Give Green mountain Orthotic labs (at Stratton) a call. They mentioned that they are open year round. You can probably make an appointment long after the resorts and other ski shops pack away all their fitting equipment. By the way, on Epicski, he is gmolfoot.
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Greg Hoffman at Green Mountain Orthotics in Stratton is the best in New England.
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