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phone service in utah

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how is the phone service out on the slopes, little and big cottonwood canyons,etc.? we are going out there with our daughters and don't want to bring the radios if not needed. we have verizon, they have sprint.
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PC area is ok, Snowbasin is great, never take my phone when I ski LCC.
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Both Verizon and Sprint work in LCC -- Sprint maybe a little better. I have Sprint, and I get better reception at the top of Alta than I do in my kitchen back home
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Does anybody have cingular out there. My family is going to park city in february. Just curious how our phones will work.

BTW they're miserable back her in the east.

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Here's what I have observed/heard:

- Verizon is by far the best for coverage. PC is great, Snowbasin good, LCC/BCC spotty (go to the top for a better line of site to the SLC towers).

- ATT/Cingular is second best. PC OK, Snowbasin OK, LCC/BCC spotty.

- Sprint sucks. PC spotty, Snowbasin ??, LCC/BCC spotty.

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Thanks, Powdr, good to know for us ESA-bound folks.
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Cingular works at Alta, but there are some dead spots- Alf's grill and parts of Collins lift.
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T-Mobile and Nextel also work pretty well up there. I'm sure you can find dead spots with any carrier in mountain terrain.
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Up on the hill at Solitude, Sprint and Cingular work pretty well with few gaps. They work somewhat on the hill at Snowbird and Alta with more gaps and not as well as at Solitude.
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I have found by asking friends that cingular seems to work the best at Snowbasin. My dad has sprint and can not get crap on it up on the slopes, so he got a cingular phone too.

BTW I have cingular too.
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I have service with Verizon. Great coverage in LCC/BCC at the resorts. The only dead spot I've found is at Snowbird in Mineral Basin. Other than that, I get better reception at Alta/Bird than I do at home in Sandy. There is a cell tower at the top of Brighton which means great coverage at Brighton and Solitude.
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Have used my Sprint phone in LCC and BCC with no problems.
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Echo what Powderhound said about sprint as I had no problems in either BCC/LCC, Park City or Snowbasin last season. I'm on Cingular this season, so we'll see how it works out at ESA/Gathering.
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Originally Posted by skierecs7
Does anybody have cingular out there. My family is going to park city in february. Just curious how our phones will work.

BTW they're miserable back her in the east.


Cingular worked well for my family and I at Canyons, Park City Mountain, and Deer Valley. I did not notice any dead spots when we were there 2 weeks ago.
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Bring the radios.
My (Cingular) Motorola Razor V3 didn't work when I wanted it to @ Alta.
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I have Cingular and have plenty of dead spots and dropped calls in the flatlands of NJ, so I'd be really surprised if I got decent reception in UT. Verizon has the best coverage by far in this area. I'll be changing in a couple of months when my contract expires.
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Originally Posted by northeasterner
...Verizon has the best coverage by far in this area...
Yeah, that's the thing about Verizon. Best coverage EVERYWHERE, but crappiest phones & service. I have to go with them because I can not be out of contact w/ work at any given time (including ski time).

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Sprint at Snowbird

too many dead spots to be reliable. Next time I may try the 2-way radios. Runs and lifts in the valleys, no signal.
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Thanks to The 2002 Olympics Utah Mobil phone coverage is pretty good. You are in the mountains so except some dead spots. Oh and deer Valley is extremely well covered, can't expect those people to be out of touch with thier stock brokers.
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The only dead spot that I know of for cingular is at the bottom of Jupitor lift at PCMR. Every where else 4-5 bars.
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Any updates on this?  Especially coverage at or near resorts would be helpful.



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Pretty good most areas. there's a few dead spots here and there.

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Which carrier?

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