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Current Conditions at Loon, Cannon & WV???

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Has anyone skied at Loon, Cannon Mountain or Waterville Valley recently? From their web sites, the cover sounds pretty thin and they have received some rain. I am going there next weekend -- should I bring my rock skis?
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Ive done Attitash, Wildcat and Sunday River last week/weekend. The base was pretty good at Attitash and SR, there were some thin spots at Wildcat. It has been raining too, but the base I think was still fine. If it continues to rain you may be in some trouble (rock skis) but it is supposed to get cold Monday so it may be OK. What days are you heading up there- the conditions always are subject to change, especially at Cannon.
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Waterville was fantastic last weekend, but we decided not to go this weekend due to the rain and warm weather they have been getting this week. Shaky conditions and holiday weekend crowds don't bode well for a daytrip from Boston. I suspect the base is still ok, but I'd give a call to whichever place you want to go. Folks on the phone are usually more candid and up to date than the website reports.

We'll shoot for next weekend, too, if things look ok.
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Originally Posted by Brock Landers
What days are you heading up there.
Weekend of Jan. 20. Hopefully, there will not be as many skiers/boarders as this MLK Holiday weekend.
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Has anyone been recently? How much did the rain and warm temps hurt?
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I skied at Loon on Friday and I thought the conditions were excellent considering the weather. I don't know what damage was done on Saturday due to the rain. With this cold weather though, I'm sure that they are making a ton today................
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I skied loon on saturday (in the rain) and on sunday. Saturday the snow was really soft and not that bad. If it didn't rain as hard I would have continued skiing. Sunday loon picked up about 3 inches of snow, but it didn't make much of a difference. The wind was howling and the snow was blowing all over the place. there was a few nice spots on the mountain, but that was about it. We went up to north peak in the morning and in my opinion it was miserable, and they should have closed the lift. The trails up there such as sunset and lower flume were a sheet of ice. They had minimal coverage on them. Trails at the bottom such as blue ox and lower picked rock ran pretty good but got skied off early (as you could imagine). Overall I was dissapointed in the conditions for this time of year. They should be getting snow instead of rain. However, I will be back this weekend. I hope they start blowing lots of snow because they desperatly need it. The conditions may be bad but it beats a day in the house or shopping.

i hope this helped!
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Thanks for the reports, folks! Things don't look promising for this weekend (I was hoping to go to Waterville on Saturday):

Blech: http://www.weather.com/outlook/recre...om=search_vert

Any updates out there?
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Thanks everyone for the site reports. We're heading up this evening. As skierecs7 said, it beats staying at home or shopping.
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My Report Back

We had a great weekend in the White Mountains.

Saturday 1/21/06: Waterville Valley was pretty warm -- in the 40s -- and it rained a little bit. Overall conditions were not bad considering the thin base and it wasn't too crowded.

Sunday 1/22: Cannon Mountain. Beautiful sunny day in the 30s. Lots of boiler plate ice and very thin cover, rocks, particularly on the trails that get you over to the tram. Very friendly staff.

Monday 1/23: Loon. Snowing and in the 30s and a few inches of fresh powder -- super conditions. Best day of skiing for the weekend at clearly the best of the three resorts/areas we visited. No crowds because it was a weekday.
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Snow was great at WV today - they've had 9-10 new this week (which has been tilled into the surface nicely), guns have been running and last night's 2" made for a great surface - on every slope, all day. Cold and poofy, no heavy clumps and an un-noisy surface. Good cover.

Skied groomers at Teton Village on Tuesday (epic!), and frankly, the surface at WV today was just as sweet.

Cold temps for tonight and clear tomorrow. Cruiser's paradise. Sat into the 40's then teens Sat night. Friday's the day!
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Friday Jan 27th at Waterville

Rocked!!! Groomers paradise. Packed powder, little bit of loose and a little bit of FSGR on trails with less traffic, Periphery comes to mind. Didn't have a bad run all day and there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

Toward the end of the day the steeper trails, True Grit and Gema were getting a little skied of and scratchy. Hope it can hold up until something natural shows up!

Big pat on the back to the people doing the grooming there. They got a lot of goodness out of not a lot of snow!
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Anything on Cannon for this weekend (1/28-29) with recent colder weather and snow? Need to get out as I've been traveling waaaay too much for work this month. Been out of touch on conditions/weather. Can tell you it's been frikkin' cold in London past few days!!!!
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WV Sat., Jan. 28

my experience was similar to Rob's on Friday, though not quite as nice. overall, WV had very good conditions on Saturday. I spent most of the day with my son, who is learning snowboarding, at Lower Meadows, where conditions were quite nice.

I headed over to the rest of the mountain at the end of the day and had a blast. Sel's choice and Utter Abandon were in good shape overall. patches of hardpack here and there, but nothing serious. White Caps and the Chute were a bit skiied off in some areas, but not too bad.

but the approach to Gema/Ciao/True Grit (the area between the lift and the trailhead where those three split--on the map it looks like it might be called Sun Run, but I'm not positive) was like a glacier. it may have been skiied off, but mostly I think it was the wind, which was far stronger there than anywhere else on the hill. all the snow was pretty much blown off, leaving the ice that had developed over the course of recent rain/thaw/freeze cycles.

once I got to Gema, it was in decent shape, but the approach was brutal.

overall, conditions were not as good as they were three weeks ago (best I've seen year-to-date), but from what I hear they were much better than they had been the past two weeks preceding.
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any recent reports? I had been hopeful that this weekend would be good, but it's looking like heavy rain tomorrow. ugh, not again.
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WV today (2/2) was great. Snow was tight, un-noisy, and groomed to a perfection over the entire mountain - with very light skier traffic. The cloud ceiling sat at mid High Country - the sun was out fully by early afternoon (34deg) and provided a perfect cruising day. Shoulda been there....
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sounds sweet, whygimf. wish I could have been there!

the weather for today looks really iffy. if you believe http://www.snow-forecast.com/ (are these forecasts usually accurate?), it looks like snow this morning and heavy rain possible this afternoon. fingers crossed that it turns to snow.....
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