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Rossignol Bandit X

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I am interested in the Bandit X....I am not an expert, but I am an advanced intermediate. I ski in the Northeast, and currently on Elan Integra... looking at the Elan S10 also...
I know the Bandit X is popular...How does everyone like it...
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My son has skied the Bandit X for the past 2 seasons and loves them. They're a great all around ski for the east. I've demoed them myself and think they'd be very suitable for an upper intermediate who's looking to improve.

They'll certainly be an improvement over the Elan Integra.

BTW: nice game last night. Go Jets! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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I have a pair of Bandit X and love them too. Prior to skiing them I was on Elan Integra's and Carve is right, they are an improvement. I've had the Bandits 2 seasons and this year bought a Volkl 6* but I bought them in a shorter size and for a different type of skiing. The Bandits will still get skied. Actually, I am planning on bringing both pair when I go up north. The bandits are good, but not quite as good (maybe because of the length) on hard pack icy conditions as the 6* but they are MUCH better than the Integras
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