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moving from ski-mountaineering to freeride/all-mountain

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Hi everybody,

it's just recently that I found this forum and I must say it's really great. Haven't found something like this in Europe (I live in northern Italy, just at the feet of the Alps). I found already a lot of useful information, but I still need some advice...

May be let's start with me: I'm about 5' 12" (or just a bit less, would be 181cm) and about 154 lbs heavy (actually quite light). I'm a quite advanced skier (8), with 30 years of experience. In the last years I was doing only ski-mountaineering or ski randonnee' (also some steep/extreme stuff) and that's why currently I have a pair of excellent SKI TRAB PIUMA SINTESI (don't know if they are known in your area). This ski's are 178cm long (about 5'10") and have the following cut: 100-71-88, and are very light, real ski-mountaineering ski's. They are excellent when walking up, very good in powder and softer conditions, but not very good in hard or icy situations and at speed.

I'm looking now for a good all-mountain ski to use when I'm not doing ski-mountaineering. When I'm skiing in ski-resorts I'm still most of the time off-pist (80% off, 20%pist). The ski should handle a bit of everything and I still want to use it for shorter tours and use it with a ski-mountaineering binding (i.e Fritschi Diamir). It should definetively be an improvement where my Ski Trab is weak, reliable at speed, better float especially in deep powder and also good in hard and icy situations.

Somehow I like the Dynastar Legend 8000 or 8800, read a lot of good reviews here and someone was using it also with a Ski-mountaineering binding
Would this be the right choice?
What are the alternatives
and what is the difference between the 8000 and the 8800

thanks a lot for your help

Ciao ciao
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i'd like to throw in a stockli stormrider XL 174.

be aware that many of those here who love the fat legends ski in more and fluffier fresh snow than you. probably a 80ish waist is all you need. imho 90mms are overkill in the alps. especially for a good backcountry skier.
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Thanks for your reply snowdan. You are probably right, it's quite rare that we have meters of fresh and light powder in the alps.
I heard great things about the Stockli Stormrider, apparently a real rocket. But also very expensive...
a mid fat around 80ish waist is a good advise. The legend 8000 would fall into this. what are the alternatives? keeping in mind that I want a ski that is not too heavy, but still manages well on all off piste conditions. What would the right lenght be (I'm 181cm)? know I'm skiing on 178cm, in general I don't like them too short. How about the Rossignol B2 or B3? or are they too soft?
In a few weeks I will be a week in the French alps and before buying I would like to demo a few models

ciao ciao
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