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room by toes in my boots?

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so i have been skiing a few years, i am going ot buy som enew boots..looking at the nordica beast 10's for 349.99 local. Every boot i tried on fit different obviously but these felt the best.

Ny question is that aside from feeling great and fitting well, There is some slop room by my toes. I can not move my foot up and down or side to side, but i can wiggle my toes up quite a bit.

Is thi an issue? I guess my old boots were more nug there but didnt grab my heek tight like these do! There are no bot fitters around here so im kind of on my own. Is there always room by your toes in general?
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The heels are the most important area of fit in a boot, followed by instep. A bit of wiggle room for toes will only make for a warmer boot, in my experience.
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if it is an issue and shim under the footbed will take that up and down play.

just make sur the shell fit is 1-2cm
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The most critical area is the ankle/heel/instep. If the boot fits well in this area, you can usually deal with a wider forefoot. There are many boots which are very narrow in the ankle/heel/instep but wider in the forefoot. One of the best examples is a high end boot, the Atomic Race Tech Ti. It is very narrow in the ankle/heel and has a low instep but a wider forefoot. If the boot fits well in this area, the skier can get away with the wider forefoot.

Yes the boot can be slightly warmer if you can wiggle your toes, just as Takecontrol said.
Also listen to what mntlion had to say. He knows what he is saying.

IMO if the boot fits well in the ankle/heel/instep, the forefoot should not be a problem. Keep in mind that the Beast has a thick liner and will pack out.

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If you have space at the end of the boot (especially if you are not flexed forward) you may want to check out the shell that is a size smaller.

As you ski, the boot will only get looser as the plastic becomes more flexible and the liner compresses. The most common mistake (made twice by me) is getting a boot too large.
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if you have too much space in the toe area it's not a good thing.....I'll say go for ones that tight!.......wiggling is one thing but if u can left the front of your foot at the end of the day when ur lining got all expanded out thing thats a BIG problem
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i ended up with nordia speed machines. I didnt want a real stiff boots as here in the midwest, we have mogus, bumps, and trees and thats about it. These will be more manuverable, the Nordica Speedmachine 8's that i got.
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