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Ullr Fest Parade

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Well after skiing today I had the pleasure to attend the anual Ullr Fest Parade in Breckenridge.

For those of you that are unfamiliar this is a locals parade and .....well...a little informal. There were bands on the "floats" and some rather zany characters including the unicycle guy that crashed in front of me twice. The chick with ski tips for boobs. Throwing of candy, beads, and condoms. There were joggers and X-Country skiers (male) in g-strings. There were skiers towed behind pickups and a few guys riding beer kegs behind trucks.

There was a truck with flames from it's exhaust stacks. A dog sled team towing a Viking ship down Main street and lots of dogs walking in the parade. An Olympic hopefull (really) for the skeleton, whos mom is an Instr at Breck and lots and lots of drunk people !
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The wife and I were there and had a blast. We were at parade central standing on top of some newspaper vending machines and saw everything you described. What a great time and we walked out of dinner just in time to see the fireworks display. A good time was had by all
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I was there several years ago. Glad to see it hsn't changed! They used to have a bonfire too where locals burned their Chistmas trees and old skis as a sacrifice to ULLR. I guess it got out of hand because they don't do that anymore.
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I have some old skis I could burn as a sacrifice, but we're under a dang burn ban.
Hasn't rained in months.:
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Never saw anything quite like this! Everyone should Ullr once in their life (and live to tell!)!
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