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Question for the site admin:

Why has the site been changed so that the supporter areas are no longer visible when not logged in or to non-supporters?

Seeing those forums, as a non-supporter, were part of what spurred me to join. Newer non-members probably don't know what being a supporter really means, apart from the title under one's name. I think we would do well to make the supporter area visible, from the standpoint of gaining membership. The "members-only" kind of image makes people curious about what is in those forums, possibly resulting in donations.

Just a suggestion.
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I was under the impression that was the case. I just logged off to look and you are right. Thanks for pointing it out.

I'll try to fix it. It should have been visible but without any info as to what the current latest topic is.

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It might even be a good idea to show a list the ten most recent topics. Of course, a non-supporter could not read the posts.
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