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Again in Fernie...Knee Deep Blower, I'm talking hero snow, cold smoke. My best pow day in recent memory (this week)
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This was a pretty good week, but I still think the best day I ever had was one midweek day at Loveland ( I was semi-laid off) when the main chair had been closed the day before and I figure 8'ed my tracks run after run, face shots every turn. My skis were 205's with a waist of 65mm. To read the ski reviews today I should have been miserable.
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Best Pow Day

I spent last week at Bridger Bowl MT They got almost a three foot dump on Feb. 21st. I'm 44, and have skied since I was five. I'm a northeastern rock and ice skier, and despite ten ski days at Alta and Snowbird, never got Pow until last week.

I now know why everyone raves about it. I was on a set of borrowed Rossi B3's, and they were way happy, as was I. Bridger Bowl says "ski the cold smoke" and they are not lying.

It's going to hurt going back to the scrip, scrape, scrip of skiing in the Catskills !!!!!!<img>
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snowbird, 1977.
it was fun, i'm just not a huge powderhound.
i absolutely respect it and those who live for it, however!!!!!!
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Targhee, January 1984, I have know idea how deep it was but I remember that I couldn't see 2 chairs in front of me for 2 days.
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Tahoe around new years 2005, 14 ft in 9 days
truly epic
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Alta, over and over and over.......
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Originally Posted by Phil Pugliese
I forgot about a great day at Hatchers Pass Alaska.
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This year it would be 8" of heavy wet snow at Mountain Creek. It was skied off in about 1 1/2 hours. I try not think about how good it has been in the past. My season tends to end around the beginning of March due to increased workload.
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one of my most memorable anyway, me and a bunch of "bad boys" were skiing at little ole Elk Mtn in Pa during a good 14-18" dump that started in the afternoon, those of us on the night ticket started skiing the closed, dark(no lights) runs and that was good jolly fun!
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All my best powder days where at Alta and Snowbird, even in April. But some of my best Eastern ones where at Belleayre. Upwards of 3 feet. Talk about yardsales. Not many people up there are used to that level. I felt bad for them as I wooshed passed them, but not too bad. One time it had rained so bad at Hunter we gave up. Just for the hell of it I stopped off at Belleayre. About 7 inches of powder had fallen and no one knew it. I turned out to be the only paying customer that day. The whole place to myself.
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1978 at studio 54
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