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Where was your best powder day??

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I'd have to say mine was at Grand Targhee when it dumped 4 ft. in 48 hours. I only get to ski out of Oregon about once or twice a year, so I'm interested to hear about some other epic days you've had.

Go Broncos!!!
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Wasn't me but I wish it was.


Nuff said.
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My best powder DAYS were at the Gathering IV in '04. First Jackson and then your place Grand Targhee!! It was epic:


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very nice, very nice...anyone else???

by the way that Bridger vid was sick!
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In recent memory.... Wolf Creek the second week in March last year. It dumped 40" + inches in two days and almost nobody was there. We made tracks first lift to last lift both days. It was hero snow with a capital H!
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Steamboat..Mid-Dec 1983. Started snowing on Nov 10th and had measurable snow EVERY day till that one mid-Dec day it dumped 32" overnight on top of already close to bottomless. Hit Shadows first run and it was blowing over my head on every turn. This was one day I could have actually used a snorkel as catching a breath was difficult....had to stop a few times due to air supply loss. I've skied MANY awesome powder days before and after that particular day but it stands out among all others because it was so deep it was ridiculous.!!!!!!! Also that time of year only locals on the hill so it was run after run through the trees with no one around....Doesn't get any better
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Mine was at Jay Peak. It wasnt that deep but if u made some of your own lines in the glades.......

OHH and screw the Broncos....GO PAT's
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The Boat. It was 94 or 95. 39" of powder overnight. Chest deep and almost too deep to breath. Haven't had anything close to that since.
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1992 Mt.Bachelor,Or. On the Cinder Cone. Over your head in the turns. It was almost scary not being able to see or breath.
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Niseko, February 2005. 40 + cm of snow per day, with enough sun peeking out every so often to make it absolutely spectacular.

Second place: Whistler, March 2002, it was snowing in Vancouver, and there was at least 3+ feet of fresh on the mountain.
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Last January ('05) in Tahoe. Close to 6 feet of fresh fell the week I was there. The very first day I arrived it was in the process of dumping 2 feet.
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Vail last year- it snowed 2 1/2 feet in 48 hrs.

i know that doesn't match up to most of your pwder. days.

it was my first time out west, so i guess i got lucky in a way.
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Mt. Baker, January 2002. It snowed hard all week and stayed cold. The snow was bottomless (at least 7') and as light as I've ever seen it. I had problems breathing at times, but it never packed out and there were deep powder runs all day long.
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April 4th of 04 at Jay Peak, Vermont thigh deep snow(very light) and blue bird conditions.
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By far my best powder day was at Fernie.

It was snowing so much, by the time you went back to the untracked run you had just skied, it was untracked again. The best turns were found at 4 pm. Unbelievable.
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Telluride late last Jan. From the top of Gold Hill I hiked up
out of bounds (entry was legally open) into the upper Bear Creek
drainage area. Bear Creek backcountry was last open 25 years ago
then closed with steep fines (due to avi deaths) till 2001.

The run was 1500 vertical of untracked powder 2ft deep
then a easy cliff band followed by 500 ft untracked.
followed with a short harder cliff band and 300 ft lightly tracked
light powder. then a long runout to a lift in town.
Only one run but totally amazing beyond belief.

Rest of Telluride ski area had 1 ft of new snow.
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Two years ago at Whistler.

We arrived on a Wednesday and it started snowing. Skied on Thursday in about 2 feet of fresh, but it continued to snow all day and they didn't open the top of the mountain.

Got up on Friday and rode to the top of Blackcomb. The T bars were still closed. Skied 3 feet of fresh stuff in the trees and took the lift back up. When we got to the top the tbar opened and we were the first on it. A friend, who is a local, took us to a great chute in the Blackcomb glacier for an epic run. Then, we downloaded and went and did peak to creek (all OB with our guide). Nearly top to bottom in untracked glades with constant face shots.

Unbelievable day.

Saturday, the sun came out and we had a fantastic blue bird day searching out any untracked stuff that was left.
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Park City Ridgeline (Wasatch Crest) - Western Monitor Bowl. Snorkel depth. Several times.
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Originally Posted by Bugski
Wasn't me but I wish it was.


Nuff said.
I am lucky enough to say I've had a day just like this at Solitude.
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Heli-skiing in Canada. Taos, 7 feet of snow in 3 days.
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2nd best was Breckenridge abt 8 years ago. 3 1/2 feet in 3 days.
bottomless in places midweek no crowds slightly tracked in places.

The next day was my all time worst EVER. I tried to ski Beaver Creek
for the first time (and last) ever. Another 14 in new and I-70 was so
bad I wondered why it was open. Prior to a late arrival at 11am
in BC I heard I-70 was closed before and after Vail pass eastbound.
Westbound was closed by an avalanche blockage at the exit to
the Eisenhower Tunnel (I passed that way 15 minutes prior to the
avalanche) Forgetting all that I get my gear and stand at the
Beaver Creek parking shuttle stop for a ride to the lifts.
The bus arrives and is packed with people leaving so I ask what
the hell is going on. They say the electric power just went out
to the entire place- lifts,base lodge,hotels, everything. :

Zilch, no skiing, beyond belief. This, likely to have been be my best
powder day ever, was a bust. No sympathy or refunds by the BC
office. Stranded by closed roads. Eventually got out taking 10 hrs
via a truckers route in a whiteout thru Leadville.
Next day at Loveland (I had to be at airport in 2 days) was 3rd best
powder day. Because of this I'm still pissed at them and will
never ever ski Beaver Creek at any time....

I currently have a dilemma due to receiving a free Beaver Creek
lift licket from United Airlines that I may not use.
I'll likely go to Vail since the tix is also good there. Vail, as I know, owns
Beaver Creek. :
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fun topic

Coming from the mid-Atlantic, the really epic powder experiences are far and few between for a recreational skier. I've enjoyed maybe a dozen 8-12" powder days skiing in the East, most came as passholder at a local area back in the 70s and 80s before I became a "Christmas vacation dad" type skier.

Will never forget my biggest powder day (to date - says the optimist). It was at Aspen and spanned two days, Wed (Highlands) and Thurs (Snowmass)March 6&7, 1991. It snowed 30 inches in 30 hours at the T-Lazy-7 Ranch where I was staying, probably more up on the hill. The Aspen pow experience came during a ski week while accompanied by easy skiing wife and 2 yr old child. That presented a major test of powder fever vs family responsibilities. My compromise was to ski alone in AM and ski with family in PM. This in the day when they let me get away with skiing with 2 yr old in baby carrier on back.

At my level (black diamond, but not big-time, double black diamond) I have found that about 10” of powder provides the maximum Shangri-La effect. The 30 inches in 30 hours stuff at Aspen was actually pretty heavy, definitely not feather light powder. Nonetheless, I went out and hit that snow like the once in a lifetime opportunity it was. I had more wipeouts and got more tuckered-out than I had in many moons. Air temps on second day were colder and the snow was actually lighter and better to ski. At that depth, I found skiing sort of like jogging down the middle of a flowing mountain stream.

To tell you what kind of a dinosaur I am I just converted to shaped skis three seasons ago and have yet to use them in pow deeper than 6 inches. So I'm curious about the float they may provide. I have fond memories of those 12 inch East coast powder mornings when I never saw my skinny skis most of the time as they submarined under the snow.
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last seaon at the village around new years. 2-2 1/2 feet in 24 hours. landing were perfect everywhere for jumping off whatever u wanted to. put in in perspective though cause as we were eating lunch the news was talking about tahoe and their 20 feet in two weeks storm. wishing i was there instead.
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Two choices:

Back in '95 at Cannon, it was -20 F, and we got 3-4 feet from Sat afternoon to Sunday morning. The wind blew it all onto the front of the mountain (the top hundred yards were glare ice), so we had lots of drifts that were probably 6'+ of white smoke. Even at speed you were sinking 3' into it and it was all you could do to breathe without inhaling snow. Seeing the bow waves and plumes of white smoke from the other skiers was really cool. Unfortunately, this was before digital cameras, and I had no intention of bringing a bulky camera. I was there for my L3 skiing exam the following Mon-Tues.

Then there was the week I was in Whistler during a record year ('02?) with my wife. We got 8-18" of fresh every day, and went heli skiing on a bluebird day after about a foot overnight, with lots of fresh just under that. The snow quality wasn't all that great (a bit heavy), but still loads of fun and made better by the heli.
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first and only, so far, was last year at Mt, Snow. It was a lot hard than i expected.
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Some of my best days

Opening Day – MRG – Dec 16, 1999?
I forget the exact year, but there is something special about opening day at MRG. All that natural untracked and a lift ticket with #1. Not the deepest but hey.

Solitude – March 16 or so, 2004
36 inches at Alta overnight but the Peruvian lodge was hit by an avalanche. With no way to go up to Alta, I went to Solitude instead and nailed picture perfect movie runs in Honeycomb Canyon.

Solitude – Sunday, March 6, 2005
Some 10” overnight, 10” the day before. Got up early, got a parking spot in the canyon entrance, rode the bus up and rode the first chair lift. Bagged first tracks down Paradise Lost. In fact, every run off of Eagle Ridge was untracked. I’d never skied a WHOLE RUN untracked before so that was sweet. Really the best powder skiing I ever had that day, so much deep untracked and never anyone in line for the lift.
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In order...

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Fernie, late March -02. Bottomless cold smoke under clear skies. The day before was like The Tortoise said, snowing hard, really hard. Kept filling in between runs.

Oh, almost forgot, same season, about a month earlier. Castle Mountain, with 90 cm's on it and about 25 people on the hill. I get reminded of that day everytime the temps drop, my face still hurts from the frostbite I got that day.
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