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Removing Rossi Ski Brakes

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I have some Rossi 120 Axial bindings on some skis I need to do some major base work on. I need to remove the ski brakes but can't figure out how. Anybody know the trick?
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As far as I know (and that's not very far), the brake on the 120s is clipped in. No screws. Try pulling it forward, while pushing it down at the back & pulling it up at the front. (Does this make sense?)

Actually, play it safe and wait for someone who knows the binding to tell you the right answer. I'm only guessing - I've never worked with that binding.

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The only two remove the brakes is to remove the entire heel piece via the forward pressure screw. No problem, but you risk not reseting the heel piece to its proper position and thus risk pre-release or no release at all. So, make sure you mark where the small line on the upper heel piece falls within the lines on the lower. Good luck. You must remove completely as the brakes release via sliding sideways perpendicular to the long axis of the ski. Hope this helps.
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Thanks for the help. That's too much of a pain. I'll just get a bunch of strong rubber bands to hold the brake up while I'm working on the skis.
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Why do you need to remove the brakes to do base work? (call me stupid...can you just raise 'em with a rubber band?)

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Go buy two heads of broccolli. They come with heavy rubber bands. Throw away the broccolli before your wife/girlfriend/mother/grandmother makes you eat it, and use those rubber bands. They are big and heavy, and might do the trick!
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Grocery store/ produce dept. They have the nice thick ones.
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The skis in question are the ones I use for exploring Big Sky & Bridger Bowl to see how the coverage is. The bases & edges really need some major work. I figure it is going to take a few days to do.

On my Salomon & Marker bindings I have used broccoli rubber bands. They work great. When I use them on my Rossi bindings the Axial heel causes the rubber bands to snap if left on for a long period of time. I knew the older Rossignol turntable heels had a removable ski brake & I was wondering if the newer ones did. (The older Rossi bindings were recalled because the removable brake tended to remove itself on ski slopes). I was hoping to save my dwindling supply of rubber bands since I can only stand so much broccoli in my diet.
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Use a long, yet skinny flathead screw driver that comes with every craftsman tool set. No damage is done to the bindings or screw driver. Or better yet, step in(without your foot in) and turn over, hanging in between a saw horse. This is what I do.
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Here is what I do-

Forget rubberbands and get a small piece of nylon rope. You can find this at any outdoor shop, about 1/8 in in diameter. Tie two loops on either end (I used two bowlines) and use this to hold the brakes back. Once measured to the right length, it doesn't stretch and will not break like rubber.
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If anyone in the family ever popped a bicycle tire tube, and you saved it, you have a nearly endless supply of bands as stiff as you want to make them.

Simply cut the tube into pieces. Narrow bands for less strength, wider bands for more stiffness.

Road tubes are a bit short for this but you can loop more than one together to get the appropriate length.
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use those plastic zipper things...you know the deals that holds the toy to the cardboard and plastic that you can never break w/ your fingers so you have to wait for your mom to find the scissors but you want to play with it NOW in the CAR but you CAN'T. sorry...repressed memories resurfacing... cops use them sometimes in lieu of handcuffs. frick if i can't remember what they're called. but they're very cheap at any hardware store.
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The plastic thingy's you are referring to are called zip ties. Just thought you might like to know. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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