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Atomic 10.50Ti toe buckle move

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Will relocating the non-moving 'big toe' part of the toe buckle 1/2" toward the ankle create any bad problems in function or lifespan? Do both parts of the buckle have to move or just the offending part? I went skiing in my new boots and the buckle rivet over the base joint of my big toe made it impossible to ski without severe pain. I felt a slight pressure there when I was wearing them in the house, but this became excruciating when trying to ski. Must add that I've got two small but sharp bone spur(?) type bumps exactly where the rivet is. Have tried many liner-footbed changes with no luck. The easiest and seemingly best solution would be just to move it, if there aren't bad effects from it. The old rivet hole area may need to be blown out a bit anyway, are there problems doing that with a hole in the area being stretched?? The rest of the boot feels fantastic, this is driving me nuts. Thanks for any knowledge on this. I need new orthotics anyway and would like to get it all done at once if possible.
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You can move the buckle, but make sure you locate it where there is still plenty of the grey plastic. The transparent red plastic is softer than the grey, and will not support the buckle.

I would suggest doing a punch at the area instead. Any competent bootfitter should be able to make room for your spur, even if it is at the buckle rivet.

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Basically same kind of problem. Instep buckle on the left foot. I'm going to have the buckle moved about 1/2 inch closer to the notches. I have it screwed all the way out and I can just barely catch the first notch.
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I didn't know you could do that at a rivet point! It would be a much better option, now that you've made me aware of it. Thanks alot.

If you're still on this thread, would Swix LFG4 graphite 14 to -26 degree wax be a good choice for the 'burner line' down the edges of my newly ground BR 11.20's, or is there something better out there?
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